the end

Hello darkness my old friend
We are joined once again

I screwed everything all up
I know I did it in closeup

She was giving me a chance
Now I see it’s gone at a glance

She whispers she loves him
Tears fill my eyes to the brim

Why does she hide it?
It’s over, I see it

I blew my one and only chance
Amongst us there’s no romance

For the first time in a month or more
Me she does at last ignore

This is the first day I’ve not seen her
I feel like me she did spur

Tomorrow I will see her no more
Than today I’ve seen her for

She is camping with him
Making me so eternally grim

I’ve gotten what I deserve
I will never get up the nerve

To face her with that I love you
But that is what I should have knew

She is not trash or a whore
She does not sleep with any bore

She is a magical woman, a true laday
Who would not waste her time on someone so shady

She loves him, this I know
Because my ears tell me so

She says to him I love you
Yet never she says that to me too

When the night has come
And the darkness has come

There is no way she’ll stand by me
Not over him

She says she is dones with him
Yet last night she whispered I love you
And tonight she likely spends with him

Is this the end? Lord I pray not.
With all my soul and all my heart I beg you
Give me another chance

Yet chances are like a drying up stream
Eventaully they run out

I fear mine have run out
I fear that there is nothing I can do
To bring her back to me

She will nnever love me again.
Oh she says she does
But she does not
She loves him

I have lost her forever

Yet I rebel against that.
After almost 41 years there has to be a way

Or is that just me fooling myself?

I know this… I cannot live without her.
Much as I value life anymore
As much as I know my kids and grandkids need me
As much as I know it sets a bad precedent
As many times AQs I’ve tried and failed
I cannot live without her.
She is my whole entire life.
Forgive me please for what is coming.
I see it coming. I try like hell to resist it.
Yet I can see myself slipping away.
Do not pity me or feel sorry for me.

I have only brought this on myself. It is ny just rewards.

Please no comments or shares or anything else
Let me slip away into the night.

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