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The End of Yazeed

Yazeed was luxurious Alcoholic and Sex oriented person on the other hand Iman Hossain was a refined humanitarian

When Hassan United two big troops of Muslims Iraqis of Mola Ali and Syrian governor muawiya cousin of Uthman Ghani.

A treaty was signed between Hassan and mawiya

when muawiya will depart incapacitated or get serious ailment Muawiya will not turn caliphate into a dynasty and new caliphate will transfer to refined Saint humanitarian Imam Hossain

Hassan was polygynic and also had concubines as in Al QURAN Grand Arabic Gospel the concubines are termed as legal right hands or paid contracted wives concubines used to be free…as in Solomon period

Hassan had vast generation as well

Holy prophet saw had prophesied The last imam mehdi will be from hassan descendents

perhaps hassan went for concubines and polygyny so that his generation spread and Appearance of Mehdi can be ensured

There was an imam known as imam Jeffer Sadiq

he was prophecy of imams

as his all predictions appeared.

The face of mehdi moon will reflect

he will set the field for soul from Almighty Esa Jesus Christ PBUH


between christ and anti christ

Anti christ will be assassinated by christ

christ will marry and rule for 40 years

than period of ignorance will return

XY chromosome will get rare

XX chromosome will get common

One man will

Intercourse 10 women

but among all these prophesies

moon reflection prophecy has materialised

massive rainfall across the world are in process

As all other prophesies are from Last Apostle SAW but this moon reflection prophecy came from Imam Jeffer Sadiq and materialised that shows followers of Imam Ali are following Al e Mohamad the Persians 12 imams.

only two Sects speak language of pure Hadith and QURAN Ah le hadith and Ah le tashee

Saudis and Persian

conflict of Isreal and Muslim countries has been perfectly resolved by Joe Biden by mediating a binding decision of giving custody of First prayer Qibla to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Thats a win win situation where the juda nation has been Fred to re construct their Solomon castle and worship their whether they are David’s recite psalm Moses recite Torah or Christians recite Saint Thomas Gospel and built your churches but Aqsa Mosque is prostration first direction of Muslims…

we have same belief system

we believe in one Almighty

all divine Gospels

on angels

1024 prophets

The existence gennies made with smoke less flame of fire

Lucky or unlucky omen and destiny

this completes a faith gauranting to enter in paradise

now what muawiya did to build his dynasty

he gave greed to wife of hassan she will be married to Yazeed if she poisons Hassan

She poison hassan and hassan martyred

time of muawiya to depart came

now Mark the words of muawiya’ if heirs dynasty is required to be passed on my generation is better than others dynasty’

After approval of Hussain Yazeed could sit on throne

So much devilish installed viruses that even can not be erased how a spiritually cleansed refined by character Saint and humanitarian denied to endorse Yazeed for rule.

The name of grandmother of Yazeed is Hinda.

He was an atheist that’s why no moral values appealed on him.

Ib n ziyad near River neil assassinated family of Mohammad and left women only…Ali bin hossain survived because he was ill. THE ZAIN UL aabideen

zainab cursed Yazeed and passed jaw breaking insult on him. Iraq remained under blood shed civil war unrest and transgression from the day of curse till now for breaching the trust.

now don’t wait to read how this cursed worked

Yazeed was women feminest alcoholic and gambler of chess he fell in love in a beautiful women.Women got ready to complete his desire but also promised him to come on desired place Yazeed obsessed with emotions reached it. She had a knife she backstapped Yazeed.donkey played some sweet chin musc. Yazeed passed away on the spot.

She uttered historic words

the person that can’t be loyal to flesh of his prophet saw how I can expect loyalty from him

so she assassinated him.

As you sow so shall you reap

do good have good.

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