The dream cannot be dreamed again …



Yesterday’s version of who I am is now gone. In its wake are ripple of consciousness, of which several splash against my soul requesting entry to live forever.

My mind is struggling to wrap itself around what my heart and soul already seem to know and recognize, sending shivers into my gut and on up my spine.

I would love to be something else for anyone else when connected to them but for the tingling that tells me my own authenticity would not match.

I am ordinary. I am sad deep down which bubbles to the surface in wisps that are not easily identified; so in an effort to explain myself away I share what is not really the sadness that is me, just bits and pieces of a human life which will soon fall away and the energy shall rise up to meet that soft bright ocean of universal love.

Hah. Tell that to your buddy and see the strange looks you get. So nope ~ I gotta just sit back, shut up, listen more and simply put, accept others right where they are which then helps me realize, I gotta accept me in all my disheveled bits of life now gone. Pretty much that dream set sail without me and today a new ship is here calling “all aboard, last call.”


2 thoughts on “The dream cannot be dreamed again …”

  1. Hello L. I. Humanity
    short spelling. Universal Love. expressed in terms beyond body and closer to soul. Who knows, but you said it best. came to read. refreshes me. not a lot a time to write, so once a week I check the listing to see if you have entered a blog. enjoyed this, g’day and week for you, just ahead. Some things live forever, in forms we have yet to experience, perhaps. Instant recognition. was meditating and found myself on the Verge of Jupiter, perhaps. Energy radiance made its self known. was no words or human conscious exchange, but it was known. The Return for Me, starts here. When it happens, energy exchange and its significant. Translation. “What she said. Universal Love.” The reason I am here. ( my opinion )

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