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The Description of Planet Paradise

From Arabic Bible

And whoever is in awe of standing before their Lord will have two Gardens
… ˹Both will be˺ with lush branches.
… In each ˹Garden˺ will be two flowing springs.
… In each will be two types of every fruit.
… Those ˹believers˺ will recline on furnishings lined with rich brocade. And the fruit of both Gardens will hang within reach.
… In both ˹Gardens˺ will be maidens of modest gaze, who no human or jinn has ever touched before.
… Those ˹maidens˺ will be ˹as elegant˺ as rubies and coral.
… Is there any reward for goodness except goodness?
… And below these two ˹Gardens˺ will be two others.
… Both will be dark green.
… In each will be two gushing springs.
… In both will be fruit, palm trees, and pomegranates.
… In all Gardens will be noble, pleasant mates
…˹They will be˺ maidens [houris] with gorgeous eyes, reserved in pavilions.
…. No human or jinn has ever touched these ˹maidens˺ before.
… All ˹believers˺ will be reclining on green cushions and splendid carpets.
Then which of your Lord’s favours will you both deny?

Smith and Haddad summarize some of the Quranic pleasures:

Choirs of angels will sing in Arabic (the only language used in paradise), the streets will be as familiar as those of the dwellers’ own countries, inhabitants will eat and drink 100 times more than earthly bodies could hold and will enjoy it 100 times more, their rooms will have thick carpets and brocade sofas, on Fridays they will go to a market to receive new clothing to enhance their beauty, they will not suffer bodily ailments or be subject to functions such as sleeping, spitting, or excreting; they will be forever young.[34]

Jannah are opened for the arrival of the saved into Jannah they will be greeted by angels announcing, “Peace be upon you, because ye have endured with patience; how excellent a reward is paradise!” Inside there will be neither too much heat nor bitter cold; there will be fountain, abundant shade from spreading tree branches green They will be passed a cup full of wine “wherefrom they will get [no] aching of the head” (hangovers) and “which leads to no idle talk or sinfulness” [Note 1] and every meat and trees from which an unceasing supply of fruits grow  “that looks similar ˹but tastes different˺”;adornment with golden and pearl bracelets and green garments of fine silk and brocade ; attended upon by [ghulman] servant-boys (eternal youths )like spotless pearls

] One day in paradise is considered equal to a thousand years on earth. Palaces are made from bricks of gold, silver, pearls, among other things. Traditions also note the presence of horses and camels of “dazzling whiteness”, along with other creatures. Large trees whose shades are ever deepening, mountains made of musk, between which rivers flow in valleys of pearl and ruby.

Men will get untouched Houri in paradise ( virgin companions of equal age (and have large, beautiful eyes (. Houri have occasioned “spectacular elaborations” by later Islamic eschatological writers, but also “some derision by insensitive Western observers and critics of Islam”.[34]
The Quran also states the saved “will have pure spouses,” (without indicating gender) ( accompanied by any children that did not go to Jahanam, and attended to by servant-boys with the spotless appearance similar to a protected pearls (.
Despite the Quranic description above, Houris have been described as women who will accompany faithful Muslims in Paradise.[46][34]  scholars differ as to whether they refer to the believing women of this world or a separate creation, with the majority opting for the latte

(prayer): For those who were punctual in prayer

(holy Struggle to transform humanity : For those who took part in struggle

almsgiving For those who gave charity more often

(fasting) For those who fasted 

repentance For those participated in the annual pilgrimage

self-control For those who withheld their anger and forgave others

submission For those who by virtue of their faith are saved from reckoning and chastisement

the door reserved for those whose entry to Paradise will be without preliminary judgment

REMEMBRANCE : For those who showed zeal in remembering Almighty Lord.

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