The Cosmic Caretakers

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It was like a scene from a social science fiction movie of the 50’s the day they came; a chapter from “War of the Worlds” or some other such fictional book written in the same era, but this was not the day of the triffids or independence day. . .no, this was the day when humanity got a wake-up call. After the initial global fear and panic died down, it soon became clear that the strange visitors were not at all hostile but benevolent in nature. Their technology facilitated an eco cleansing that totally eradicated all toxins and pollutants from the ground up; the Earth had been given a new lease of life, but was humanity evolved enough to truly appreciate and sustain this sudden gift of unprecedented generosity?

I ardently followed the unfolding story as it developed – taking notes in my diary day by day – watching each and every news cast, and when they had gone leaving us to our own devices again, I came to think that wouldn’t this make one really cool science fiction tale.

I began writing in earnest.

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