The College Cloak

The thrill of college is that there is so much unknown – your major, your relationships, hell, even yourself, are all fair game to change.

And it’s exciting.

No longer are you a high schooler who must be limited to the confines of your social balance back home; you finally grow into who you’re destined to become because, technically, the only thing that can possible hold you back now is your own fear.

Yet, with all these exciting possibilities, it is always too easy to forget one important thing: you really don’t know anyone. Suddenly, this new start seems dangerous when you do not know what your new colleagues are truly capable of.

I experienced this for myself this week when I found out somebody who, for a moment, I thought could be more than a friend, is an abuser.

Witnessing the way he physically hurt my friend is something that I will never forget; the countless amount of times my mind replays the scene prevents it.

I cannot unhear the sound of her hitting the ground,

I cannot unsee his anger,

And I can never fail to remember her pain.

So, amid all the adventures that wait to be discovered and the friends that wait to be made, never forget that your discretion should always come into play.

Because, sometimes, someone’s mysterious ways can lead to tragedy.

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