The Circle Of Life

Mike’s Common Sense

You have probably heard the saying, “life is a two way street”. This essentially means that one cannot expect to be on the receiving end of every relationship, all of the time. For any relationship to grow and mature there has to be a balance of giving, and receiving. If there is an imbalance, where one side gives too much, and the other is a glutton, the relationship becomes dysfunctional, and dies.

This need for a balance is true for more than just interpersonal relationships, but is true for life in general. Animals, take in oxygen, and release carbon dioxide. Plants take in Carbon dioxide, and release oxygen. This balance maintains life as we know it here on Earth. All of life is possible because there is a balance on a myriad of different levels. These balances create what I call the circle of life.

In order for each of us, as individuals, as cities, as countries, and as a species, to grow, and remain healthy; we need to be mindful of the need to keep balanced. This balance starts with each of us learning to be balanced from within.

Man is a spiritual being occupying a physical body. The needs of both, need to be taken care of, in order to live a balanced life. Everything is good, but too much of anything is bad. If one spends too much time in meditation, and spiritual contemplation, the vibrational level of the individual gets too high for the body to handle, and madness, and disease is the result. Research the lives of most saints, and you will see this pattern. If one indulges in carnal delights too much, the individual lowers himself to the animal level, and becomes a beast. To be truly balanced, one needs to contemplate on the spiritual, while not depriving the body of its carnal needs.

By maintaining the circle of life within ourselves, we will know how to keep a balance in our interpersonal relationships, our societal relations, and our ecology. No matter the level, imbalance causes, disease, and chaos, while balance is healthy and active.


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