The Best Things In Life.

The deep and tender feeling that love give makes me feel like it can get me through anything. Love has me devoted to changing myself which I must say it was a devotion worth making. To feel love for someone other than myself has me overwhelmed with joy. I get a warm feeling from just the thought of love so just imagine if I was in love well I am but it’s a lovelorn type of relationship. I guess its cool for I’m not sad or hurt anymore by it. The one thing in life that constantly evades my heart is the one thing that my heart seems to yearn for every day and night is the love that I’ve given to another which I won’t give up on finding nor having. Thoughts of loving someone and them loving me used to be a dream which I honestly never thought would happen after two failed relationships but after loving and being love, I figured giving up on love wouldn’t be right nor truly possible knowing the feeling that it gives. I used to wonder if any of the women I had been with truly loved me but I realized that they did in their own way. They had their reasons for leaving as I did which was good for it helped me to understand that I can only control what I bring and do in the relationship. I felt I did, tried and understand what was needed but it was never good enough especially if was by their standards. I don’t let the past discourage me from somebody actually loving me and me love them. Besides, love wouldn’t or couldn’t be real unless you have a little pain. Your heart can be broken by love but, your heart can’t nor won’t experience anything better in this life than love. For love is the best thing in this life. The feeling of love is great and everyone should have it in their life and if you don’t then you are missing out on the best thing in this life.

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