The best show so far ;)

This is of Los Angeles but this is what I watched last night over San Diego. NOT as many…but they were all over the city. I was so amazed…and actually encouraged my son to light some of his fireworks. But of course….him being responsible would not. Basically because of where we live……it could easily spark a wild fire. Many of his friends and some families I know went across state lines to buy fireworks. It wasn’t political…..just a wild hair because of the lockdown and wanting to give their kids a little excitement. We all have that wild side in us from time to time.

I know I have mentioned this before but we use to be in South Dakota every 4th of July and I was so amazed that you can buy these fireworks over the counter. They are so huge and dangerous….but it’s completely normal over there. Growing up here in Southern California…… have to go set up chairs and sit at the beach or park to watch a professional pyrotechnic show. But I remember being young in Los Angeles and we could buy fireworks but they were just the safe little ones. You know…the ones shaped like cones and you get a little shower of sparks. And of course…the sparklers and the SNAKES. Oh what memories.

I have to say….watching fireworks from below when you have to look up is the best show to watch. Because I have watched at eye level and the show wasn’t as great. And now living on top of a hill…I could watch multiple shows at one time and it definitely is not as exciting. San Diego only had a few professional shows this year due to our Covid#s spiking again but I got a good show watching so many going off all over the city.

Like I said….I take perfect shots in-between the fireworks. Hahahahah…..

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