The best show so far ;)

This is of Los Angeles but this is what I watched last night over San Diego. NOT as many…but they were all over the city. I was so amazed…and actually encouraged my son to light some of his fireworks. But of course….him being responsible would not. Basically because of where we live……it could easily spark a wild fire. Many of his friends and some families I know went across state lines to buy fireworks. It wasn’t political…..just a wild hair because of the lockdown and wanting to give their kids a little excitement. We all have that wild side in us from time to time.

I know I have mentioned this before but we use to be in South Dakota every 4th of July and I was so amazed that you can buy these fireworks over the counter. They are so huge and dangerous….but it’s completely normal over there. Growing up here in Southern California…… have to go set up chairs and sit at the beach or park to watch a professional pyrotechnic show. But I remember being young in Los Angeles and we could buy fireworks but they were just the safe little ones. You know…the ones shaped like cones and you get a little shower of sparks. And of course…the sparklers and the SNAKES. Oh what memories.

I have to say….watching fireworks from below when you have to look up is the best show to watch. Because I have watched at eye level and the show wasn’t as great. And now living on top of a hill…I could watch multiple shows at one time and it definitely is not as exciting. San Diego only had a few professional shows this year due to our Covid#s spiking again but I got a good show watching so many going off all over the city.

Like I said….I take perfect shots in-between the fireworks. Hahahahah…..

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  1. I admit, I like fireworks especially when I am in the right mood for them. I don’t always enjoy the sound, but love the colors. Sounds like your son has a pretty level head on his shoulders…didn’t want to be responsible for a wild fire, which is understandable with all the fires that there have been in California in recent times. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I agree about the fireworks. I love a great show. But there is a time and a place for them. With school being out there seems to be a lot going off nightly and a lot of neighbors on our neighborhood website seem to keep complaining. Many are saying their pets are shaking….their dogs are running off. Some Vets with PTS are having a rough time with it. People really need to think about others.

      As for my son…he does have a good beautiful head on his shoulders. It’s like he has to reign my sisters and I in sometimes.
      The otter day he said….MOM…I can’t believe I have to tell you this…. NO VACUUMING THE CATS. As he was sitting there unblocking our hand held vacuum ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    1. Oh…he knows I will take so much of this before I straighten him out. He knows I can run the world if need be……but I am retired and just want to be careless and carefree ๐Ÿ˜‰
      And I do vacuum my older cat. HE LOVES IT. My younger one runs away when she sees the vacuum. He use to slowly walk downstairs….but one day he challenged me. He stood in front of me and did not move. So I turned the vacuum on low and nudged him with it. So he flopped down and wanted his whole body vacuumed. He rolled this way and that way and can not get enough of it. SO now when I vacuum he runs to his spot and sprawls out. Mind you….he’s 17 – 20lbs and he is round.

      1. Hey, listen to your son, young lady. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wow, I have never had a cat that liked to be vacuumed, they all have ran whenever the vacuum comes on and some ran when I started moving the vacuum even before I turned it on. But I do know that cats differ in what they like and don’t like.

        I used to have a cat that would come and sit on the side of the shower when I was in taking one. He didn’t want to be in water but he loved being beside it. One day a visitor threw him in the shower while I was in there, and he, in his fear, scratched me.

        Trust me, the visitor got my full fervor….not the cat who was innocent. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Believe me….I thought it was so funny at first. Because they both use to take off once they saw the vacuum. Actually….he still runs when I bring the big Dyson out. But the hand held Pet Dyson… the one he loves. I put it on the lowest setting because I don’t want to hurt him. But I haven’t been doing it lately because he really does clog up the vacuum after a few vacuums.

          And Clover was like your cat when I first got her. She stayed in my room and when I was in the shower she would sit out in front and just wait for me. I would open it for her to look in and she always looked like she wanted to come in….but I didnt have 10 minutes to stand there waiting for her to make her mind up. BUT I have seen videos of cats who take showers….so if I had patience I am sure she would lay in the shower.

          Yes….tear into them ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. My language became quite colorful that day. This was a big ole drag queen, young and arrogant. She was always doing things to my cat. Stepped on this same cats paws with her full weight one time, something i did a few times too but would apologize and pet him afterwards, without saying a word..just clopped on.

            He hated her until she made him two big hamburgers….he loved her for the amount of time it took him to eat one of those burgers, then he was sick of her and the burgers… ๐Ÿ˜›

            1. This couldn’t have been Princess Stephanie?
              Though she likes to put the grumpy attitude on at work…I couldn’t imagine her being so reckless with your cat. We need to start another blog on Cat stories soon…I have a funny story to tell.

              1. No, Stephanie has never been in my house. This was a person I knew back in Tennessee. She has been dead since 2006 before my SO died.
                Only 34, she had abused drugs and mechanial grade silicon to alter her body, and the two destroyed her blood vessels and took her out.

                1. Thats horrible. I watch “Botched” sometimes and they have a regular who comes on who completely overused black market silicon. Just so sad that people resort to that.

                  1. They tried to get me to get some, but I always refused. i knew i didn’t want to modify my mother like they had, but they said if i got some shot into my under eye area, it would make me look younger. i still said no.

                    The real reason she wanted me to do it, was she would get a discount on her work if she referred other people. When the silicon literally started rotting in her body, however, she told me she was glad that I never fell for it.

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