The Benefits of Lockdown

1. Which states,cities extended the lockdowns?
2. Which states,cities are seeing an increase in cases?
3. How is this possible?
4. Ask why these specific states and cities?
5. Specific agenda, did they get their orders from the top?
6. Is this about the virus anymore?

“It’s still worth considering that if we’re looking at sheer numbers, the virus is still most intense in the Northeast, around New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, with clusters around Chicago, D.C., Boston, Detroit, and New Orleans. But of these large hubs, only Chicago is still experiencing continued growth.” (

We were all told the sky would fall when states began reopening.

It hasn’t — and it won’t.

States like Florida, Georgia and Texas — some of the largest states in the country — have reopened and everything’s fine.

“Three large Southern states that moved aggressively to reopen amid the coronavirus crisis have seen new cases and deaths largely hold steady since then,” the New York Post wrote.

Think rationally.

Democrat controlled locked down states and cities remain corona virus hotspots.

Republican controlled open states see corona virus cases hold steady.



10 thoughts on “The Benefits of Lockdown”

  1. Just a note, New Orleans was a hotspot, but the Governor and the mayor locked down the city quite well. The result, we haven’t had a death in 3 days now. That is an amazing turnaround, thanks to the shut down and the fact that most of us respected that and stopped going out to huge meetings, which were fortunately cancelled anyway. Thank goodness and our wonderful democratic leadership, we might just be better off that the red states that refused to lock down and take safety precautions against this horrible pandemic that has killed 96,000 people so far in the United States.

    1. I’m glad to hear things are getting better for you.

      “Deborah Birx, the physician who oversees the administration’s coronavirus response, and Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [clashed at a meeting]. Birx and others were frustrated with the CDC’s antiquated system for tracking virus data, which they worried was inflating some statistics — such as mortality rate and case count — by as much as 25 percent, according to four people present for the discussion or later briefed on it.” ( Source: Washington Post @ )

      If you want to increase the body count just send patients back to nursing homes like “Grandma killer” Cuomo.

      Or Governor Whitmer who sent COVID-19 patients across the state to ‘Regional Hubs’ to spread the virus — but kept patients out of 1,000 bed TCF Center in Detroit.

      Or Washington epidemiologists who have admitted that multiple victims of gunshot wounds who had also been diagnosed with coronavirus have been counted as COVID-19 deaths.

      All part of the Democratic Plan-Dem-ic.

      1. Ok, thanks for sharing your belief with me. You know of course, that I investigated the allegations. First of all, there is no legitimate media reporting that Washington State did any such thing. mynorthwest, the other one or two making such an accusation are not publicans that I would trust and CDP is just a scandal sheet from my overview.

        I, on the other hand am of the opinion that if there is any error in the numbers, it is likely to be fewer than actually have died because they got this virus. If they had a heart attack after getting it, they are legitimately a death related to the virus. Remember, nobody ever died of AIDS. It was always because the HIV virus weakened the body and they died of an opportunistic infection like pneumonia or thrust or something. In the speech of ordinary people, however, it was called dying of AIDS. The same principal holds here.

        Gov Whitmer set up separate unites in nursings…..not that word separate, accountiing to the reports that I saw.

        I suspect you and I trust different media. I trust established long known media. One example that many on the right don’t trust that I do in the New York Times.

        Since I do no subscibe to the Washington Post, I can’t read that article, but I suspect what they are saying is that some think it is over-estimated. That is not the same as saying it is.

        Oh and quoting trump or Birx under trump’s tutorage has no chance of getting my buy-in as I do NOT trust anything coming out of the trump White House as he has a vested political interest. For me to even consider it, it needs to be an independent media source that is not blatant about its bias toward trump.

        Remember the assertion that hydroxycloquine was the cure…yet now reports are coming out that people have died more often after taking that.

        1. There is a difference between dying of something than dying with something. You’re in hospice dying of terminal cancer – but since you showed symtoms representative of Wuhan virus (untested) your death can be ascribed to Wuhan virus. This is being done. Democrats need a body count. They need the lockdown.

          You just keep listening to Mockingbird media outlets. Be one of the sheeple to the end.

          1. Ok, you and i trust different media….believe different things. We have no reason to debate. As with every other situation like this. You do you and I will do me. Thanks for the discussion.

      2. I clicked on the Washington Post article you referenced. I know I am not subscribed to that publication. However, lately when it is directly related, as judged by the paper, as being covid-19 information, it has been opened for all. That was true for the article I used, however, not for the one you listed.

        That leads me to believe that in all likelihood, that was deemed not to be information needed by everybody and directly involving the actual virus. I am assuming therefore, that it is about the disagreement between those that believe the numbers are uncounted and over counted and just about right.

        Until there is proof otherwise, I believe it is likely under reported or right…not over reported as many areas seem to have a tendency to want to deny the impact.

  2. But before I fade off and leave your page to you….I will say that if Covid-19 hastens somebodies death…it is right to count that one as far as I am concerned. They died of cancer hastened by the Covid-19 virus would be the full way of stating that.

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