The ball is quite special…

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I know… I am writing after so many day. i kinda got busy with studies and life.

So…to be honest, I don’t have many friends. But the few friends I have are more than enough for me. Everyday we walk back from school together. We seriously spend the 7 hours in school thinking about the 20 minutes we will get to spend after the school. I stay nearby my school so probably u would think I get home early but thats not true. I drop off my friends (each and everyone) and at last come back home. I think, this is just an excuse to spend more time with them.

Now… we have this cricket ball. One day we found it on the road. We didn’t intentionally plan keep the ball with us but it felt like the ball wanted to be a part of the group. We wrote our names on it to make it special. Still we play with it everyday after school and I believe that the ball is like a symbolism of our friendship. Every time when I gaze at this ball I remember all the times we spend together playing with it, laughing. Now we all feel emotionally connected with the ball. It has so many memories stored in it.

The whole point of writing this blog was to just tell you that even non-living things mean a lot to some people. Especially Indians like me.. we have memories stored in all the things around us (dabbas, bottles, clothes, bags, toys). We get emotionally attached to the things. It doesn’t mean we are materialistic. We are not actually connected to things but to the memories the things hold.

Thank u…❤️

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