Teletubbies… creepy or cute?

Oh from the eyes of a 2 year old…  The above “Teletubbies” have become the new favorite show for my grandson.  The first time he watched the show, it was tagged to the back of another video and he just kept laughing out loud at the antics of those 4 “creatures”.  It made us laugh watching him laugh at his new discovery.  I’m not sure what the English show creators were going for, but they certainly hit the nail on the head if their target audience was toddlers.  Frankly, they are more creepy to me than funny but then again, I’m not a 2 year old.  It’s going to be difficult watching this show with him, unlike Elmo from Sesame Street or Tek the Tractor from Baby’s First TV but this Grandma will endure whatever necessary to make her grandbaby happy.

Is it just me or do these “teletubbies” seem creepy to other adults?  Just curious…

11 thoughts on “Teletubbies… creepy or cute?”

  1. I think they are creepy looking. My kids were older when these came out so I didn’t have to look at them often! My friend who did daycare said all her kids loved them!

  2. Creepy.
    They came out after my sons were older so they never watched them. But I had to watch them one day just because someone like me just has to figure things out. And these odd things made no sense to me.
    I imagine its the colors and the movements that attract the smaller ones attentions. And always smiling of course.
    And for PBS to show them they must be beneficial to a Childs growth.

  3. My son is 21 but used to watch them as a baby and toddler. They stopped making the show years ago so must of started it back up. They are creepy little creepers who like tubby custard. Also the baby in the sun cooing is creepy too. It’s strange how they even made a baby creepy.It’s supposed to be a child’s show but has some political meaning behind it. All the creatures have different shaped designs on their head standing for different things. I think it’s supposed to teach diversity but that goes over the little ones head so must be aimed for adults watching with their kids.

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