“Taste the Nation” Padma Lakshmi

I found this Hulu series so fun and interesting. Padma explores the history of food in America. How almost everything we eat stems from another country. I said “almost” everything because she also visits Native Americans whose food originates here. I also like how Padma will roll her sleeves up and dives in there to help prepare food. That’s how we were raised…to always walk into the kitchen when visiting another’s house for a meal and ask if there is anything we can help with. Watch a few episodes….I am sure you will enjoy it.

5 thoughts on ““Taste the Nation” Padma Lakshmi”

    1. THATS one thing I don’t like about these shows…..you get cravings for what they are eating.
      But I am tempted to create a list of places to stop on road trips.

  1. I ‘eat up’ most food/cookery shows on TV – especially the shows that deal with origins of ingredients. This show looks pretty cosmopolitan in its approach. Definitely something I would watch if it ever came over here.

    We have a show over here called “The Hairy Bikers.” Two men travelling around the world on motorbikes sampling and cooking the local cuisine. They’ve literally been everywhere and are always fun to watch.

    1. I would love to watch that show. I wonder if it’s on Brit Box.
      I watched a show years ago that I absolutely enjoyed. Long Way Round….and Long Way Down …with Ewan McGregor and Charley Borman. They rode their motorbikes on these long trips …all recorded. I LOVED it. Not much about food though. But these motorcycle shows always appeal to me because I wanted to get one for YEARS and travel a bit here and there.

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