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one day I’ll figure it out

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I have put such a high guard up on my heart & soul with everything and I think that’s what’s been destroying me. I have become so cold and jaded, and the recognition of it has been heavy lately. This time of year fucks me up. It forces me to become still and overthink my life away. My passion for travel has died down so much since coming back from… Read More »one day I’ll figure it out


Two roads diverge in a yellow wood,or so the story goes.Do the sleeping roads still lay there?The answer no one knows.Are the paths still traveled?the lesser or the more?Or do they lay forgotten?Like waves upon a shore.I hear them whisper to me,of this I am sure.“Take the road less traveled.”My path forever more.

Pictures from Cades Cove—in the Mountains of East Tennessee 2008

Just some random pictures taken during a trip to see my best friend in Nashville who had recently moved to the mountains of East Tennessee. I never did get used to where she lived on the side of a hill, but enjoyed some of the Federal Park, I think Federal) that had a section called Cades Cove. It was an old community that they had preserved with building left like… Read More »Pictures from Cades Cove—in the Mountains of East Tennessee 2008

Are Sweet Dreams Really Sweet?

Have you ever had a wonderful dream that you woke up sad? Well I did, not just once but so many times. I guess y’all have experienced the same too, at least once till now. You know the feeling. It’s exactly like the dialogue from K-drama “My love from the star” which stated that “I realized that a happy dream makes me feel even more miserable when I wake up”.… Read More »Are Sweet Dreams Really Sweet?

Start Day Positive

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