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one love One Love Philosophy

One Love Philosophy

ONE LOVE Share personal views in a respectful & supportive place on on come from all over the world with one thing in common.One Love that unites us all.Its a universal love (or multiversal). Friendly People Sharing Their Thoughts for the Day Mindfulness on Thoughts We can learn so much from one another as long as were mindful of being open-minded and actively seek to learn new things.… Read More »One Love Philosophy

TimeLoop Me

I’m going a bit crazy and I can’t stop building more websites

Each day that passes with being shut in from the crisis I get more work done, but I’m kind of spreading myself too thin and trying to build to many of my ideas. There’s not shortage of thoughts, that’s for sure. For example, I’ve recently started but not completed all of these sites: – A blogging community with a network of internet businesses connecting professional bloggers with network advertisers.… Read More »I’m going a bit crazy and I can’t stop building more websites One Love Philosophy One Love Road Trip (10 Years ago)

One Love Road Trip I just watched this CBS video from the original one love road trip from 10 years ago. I’ve always known it was my purpose to help people. This made me emotional watching it again because this was one of the most beautiful things we got to do at with the entire team’s help and specifically the help of Sharon, Destiny & Kristen over the… Read More » One Love Road Trip (10 Years ago) People Talking

5 Good Reasons to join today

Hello everyone and welcome back or welcome if its your first time to This post is to the point, short and sweet! # 1 . Your stuck inside and on you will MEET NEW FRIENDLY PEOPLE! # 2 . Its FREE to join Let’s face it, you’ve got some extra time right now! # 3 . Its easy to create a free website in just minutes and… Read More »5 Good Reasons to join today