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Green is the new black

As the earth turns. We turn with it. We feel the ground that we walk upon. We breathe the air that is gathered. We soak up the the daytime sun rays, and we dance with the stars in the night sky. We are one with our home. And we intoxicate it, with our pollution fumes, and are wastes that is left behind. Our waters have been poisoned with oils and… Read More »Green is the new black

A musing on depresso espresso

I’m gonna chock this up to being more advice that I’ll likely forget, but I wanted to post about it regardless. Depression. Quite common or at least increasingly prevalent these days. Whether that’s down to self-diagnosis being rampant and inaccurate or it being a valid thing it doesn’t matter. I had a thought today about how to attempt to combat it if its at all with you. I’m not sure… Read More »A musing on depresso espresso

Poem: Her

Her May be she didn’t get enough love to give it back. May be she was taught to be like that. She was a blank canvas like you and I. Somebody painted it with shades of black. She thinks only of herself, Cause nobody else did When nobody stood for her, Her soul was forced to be rigid I’ve seen her smile, I’ve heard her sing They both told me… Read More »Poem: Her


I saw you in the distance and I knew you were the one. We had met before, but only in the hallway of our building. Your presence spoke louder than word, your hair, long and full, swept gracefully in the wind and your stride was confident and strong. I wondered if you would notice me today or if you would even care to. Life had brought us here, our paths crossing… Read More »CEDARS OF LEBANON… (ADULT)

Can You Give Back My Love

Love is one feeling that everyone wants, needs, deserves and looks forward to having in this life. Many of us look for this love from others before we look for it in self which is backwards if you as me. When you love yourself that love is then reciprocated to and from others. If you don’t love yourself, how can you ask another to love you? Better yet how do… Read More »Can You Give Back My Love

Quote of the Day

“It is time for us to turn to each other, not on each other.” – Jesse Jackson –   Today’s Challenge:  Be kind to those whom you don’t normally perceive as your friends today.

Matter about truths.

Some truths are better unrevealed. There’s a reason for saying that. Recently I bought a lotion from a medical store, which costed around ₹120 before GST and now it has reduced to ₹98. I was definitely happy. One fine day while I was applying the lotion I realized the price tag was a sticker. I was curious to know what’s beneath the sticker. I pulled off the sticker and guess… Read More »Matter about truths.

Do guys really talk only when they have some other intention?

Do guys really talk only when they have some other intention? Answer is yes! My personal experience says if the guy is talking to you more than usual it means he is soon gonna tell you that he likes you. If he is walking an extra mile for you, if he is allowing you to call him by names he’s usually offended by, if he smiles whenever you start talking,… Read More »Do guys really talk only when they have some other intention?

First Time

My hands shake. Heart is beating abnormally fast. Anxiety through the roof. I can hear the rush of blood flowing in my ears. Made it through the security checkpoint. I hadn’t been on a plane or to the airport for that matter in years. Something I certainly wasn’t accustomed to. I pull out my phone, TSA continuing their pat downs and vigorous shoe inspections behind me. The group chat is… Read More »First Time

Love and friendship

Love is a many splendored thing. It is exquisite. New love is intensity, fire and passion. It makes the heart sing, your pulse throb. you body ache. Old love is comfort, an all abiding warmth, and peace. It makes your soul sing. It relaxes your body, gives peace to your heart, makes your pulse lope along in comfort. Give me old love any day of the week. I’m too old… Read More »Love and friendship