A Day In The Life Introduction

In an attempt to make my life seem interesting and not a massive void that it actually is in reality I have decided to start a series of blogs titled ‘A Day In The Life’, so in lieu of an actual active and interesting life I thought that possibly making up some bullshit stories will suffice. I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out or if anyone would give a shit.

They will be mostly fanciful, occasionally topical or satirical, maybe funny and humourous and generally not to be taken seriously or in earnest.

Once I have some actual ideas of what to write I’ll begin this ill-conceived blog idea.

Names (including my own) and places will be changed when based on actual events in my life to protect the innocent (and the guilty).



It would be unjust to say that things are fine. Because they haven’t been fine in a very long time. When I reconsider the prolonged series of macabre days, I had been experiencing in my life for quite a while, the past week wasn’t the most horrific. Things definitely could be a lot better, I mean, they should at least.

Recently life had brought me to such a no parking zone that there seemed to be no possible stops for timely rests. For every road I covered, I was eventually encompassed by a U turn.

Every single day, I woke up with a hope that it shall get better. Some days are yet better than the rest but then again, life meets another round about and every new road offers new bottle necks.

However, the past week made me realize that sometimes you have to complete the entire journey, and certain roads are meant to be taken. Yes, you might end up taking long routes instead of short due to lack of spontaneous decision making, but in the long run it doesn’t matter enough.

So, I guess you ultimately have to reach your destination, go through the jumps and bumps, land into puddles, get stuck in the traffic jam, all of this is beyond your control and you really have no hold over how the path might be. Although, all you need to do at times, is to change the music you’re listening to. You might want to try something off your juke box.

The journey isnt that bad. Cause somedays it does get better. And one should never lose hope because eventually it will become better untill it becomes the best.

A mess filled life

Hey everyone. This is my first blog ever. I just needed a place where I could type out things that I’m feeling or stuff I’m going through.

I used to write on thoughts.com and it seemed to help me a lot so I figured I’d give it another go and see how much more help it can give me.

Life’s be nuts lately. I’m a full time worker, while going to school on some evenings and weekends, as well as being a full time mom and wife.. lets just say, my anxiety and depression have caught up with me. I’ve noticed over the last little bit that I’m getting more and more depressed with life. But the problem is, is that I shouldn’t be getting more depressed, it should be the opposite. I’m actually doing something I love with school! I should be ecstatic with my life! But each day that passes, I feel more and more depressed, tired, lonely. I’m drained everyday.. I lack the energy to be happy anymore. How can this change?

I started seeing a therapist today.. first time ever. I was like I’m going to finally give this a shot.. maybe they can help me figure some of this shit out. I need guidance and direction and tips on how to maneuver through this crazy thing we called life. I’m really looking forward to see how it all plays out.

I’m going to give the tips she told me about a go tonight, hoping we can see a little bit of a difference over the next week. I need some goodness in my life, I want to start loving and living life again. I hope I’m on the right track because honestly I don’t know how much more I can take.

It Was a Crappy Day

Mike’s Common Sense

Today was kind of a crappy day. You all know what I mean, it was cold, it rained, and nothing at work went right. It was the kind of day you just want to bitch about. We all have these kinds of days, and we all like to bitch about them.

A guy on my crew was in just this kind of mood, when he commented to me that today was a crappy day. Just then a thought occurred to me that I voiced out loud to him. “There are a lot of people in the ground, that wish they had a crappy day like this.”

So, it is, we all have crappy days, interspersed with good ones; but the fact is, we have days, and we should enjoy them all. So, life is not a bed of roses, but it is better than having no life at all. I believe my comment, as morbid as it was, helped brighten the day of my co-worker, and made him think.

I hope I did the same for you.

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Do you ever want to know what depressed people feel like?

why would you wanna cause them more pain if you see them down ?

what in the world makes it ok to ask someone if their ok if you know they aren’t going to admit whats wrong because they think you wont understand which you probably wont if you didn’t ever suffer like we do. Give them a hug, tell them your there and actually be there don’t tell them and then not do it try your best to keep them smiling everyday because you never know when your last time talking to them because depression is mixed with anxiety we are scared to lose people we love we are scared to hurt other people around we don’t want to hurt anyone I promise we are loveable people from the inside its how you treat us hurts us more. people out in the world who are disrespectful to kind and nice people hurts. Depression makes you sad, we don’t feel nothing but sadness, theres no happiness no matter how hard we try to fight it we cant fight it alone and people think counseling helps, well it don’t we get worse because we have to tell a stranger our business because a close friend or a family member wont listen. I have had depression for 13 years and I have had counseling for 10 years. Did it work? haha. no it didn’t it made me worse made me kill myself or attempt to and im still here sadly even though I don’t want to. I feel betrayed and broken inside and I don’t feel loved no more. wanna know why? Because my depression was small at the time then kept adding up to bullying, grieving , then getting a kitten to help with my grieving then my mom puts down the cat she got old and sick and I couldn’t do anything I couldn’t hold my cat one last time just like I had to say bye to my grandma on the phone instead of going to see her because my mom wouldn’t take me. The reason she wouldn’t take me is because she didn’t wanna cause me more pain. let me tell you me and my grandma had the strongest bond in the family strong enough to go give her cigarettes away to the neighbors because I wanted her to get better and if you have someone that close to you and you love then you will understand why I’m so shattered until then you wont know or understand the whole point of my depression. My grandma died on December 24, 2014 when I was 14 years old I have been grieving for 5 years almost and I’ve tried classes, counseling, group chats online, suicide hotline, nobody can help without feeling guilty I don’t have anyone to talk to if you need a friend to talk to I am always here to listen and give advise im good with that kind of stuff because I go through it I will love to help and give some advise just add me on kik your name and age (ilovehim12233) we will beat the depression together and if you need to talk to someone on the phone I will call if you want and let you save my number anytime 🙂 please don’t hide your depression nomore talk to people about it don’t hold it in.

Cherished Ones

To the precious ones of whom my heart so cherishes. How I yearn to be counted as one you behold as priceless, and purely loved without shadow of turning, unconsumed by expectations laid out by ideas that have accompanied, during the journey thus far. As those whose input influence the outlook of your perception, to your inner thoughts adding perspectives, yielding your ever changing views, or opinions, of how things are, or ought to appear. Appearance is only the cover for that present moment. Yet ever so much more than before does the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, ring so true. To my understanding, each one has with it a deeply intricate, inner woven web, so complex, each detail minutely make up the depth of the individual to the very core. Why ourselves within or on the outside looking in are unaware of the true rhyme or reason for the path, paths, trials, swamps, cliffs, or slopes…..one continues on, repeatedly, or just stranded, and stagnat. Whatever, or whichever it may be, this journey a lesson for some, to gain. If I could be brave, my eyes will be wide open, seeking out the truth, to behold for the next step….the desire to be right within, as well as without, wishing only to capture that which is to gain,  along with it comes ideas, expectations, approval, disapproval, of those who Ive deemed worthy to decide weather Im on it! (sort of speak), or missing the mark…..

How so, are we to remain whole within as to continue endeavoring on undivided by the placement of whats what? At the same, discovering the real, of the whom and the why of my existance, without the essence of being, becoming displaced by scattered means to which is preference given to trudge true. When in the midst at a crossroad here lies a choice looking back at these will cause a cringe, dismissal, or hopefully serenity. Either way its a wrap, no re~dos. I being my own most hard taskmaster can spend time in this realm with regrets and perhaps self loathing but to no fruition.

How can one balance the push and the pull we have packed thus far? Which to consider? The weight at times and for some can be too much to bear, Then in lies   collapse……why bother, throw in the towel! I must heed to the know the task each one carries, being of such precise detail to every nook and cranny, of what makes up each and every most perfectly, intricate, deeply, passionate, unique individual, person, & soul. All wrapped up seemingly so ordinary, and simple, just another of many. Yet oh so not simplistic, no, no, actually an entire eco system. A world with its custom agenda, unlike any other, functioning, or malfunctioning, according to whom it may concern, to continue on in however our season is playing out at present, for the moment.

We are extravagant, acutely amazing human beings, we are each making up a part of the whole, of this universe, with more to ourselves than comprehensible, a state of unknowingkst……A place, yet recognized of, awe….struck…….

Written by, Dove

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Enroute to life

If I were to explain life, I couldn’t come up with a better explanation than a journey in a motor vehicle.

With every surpassing instant we advance towards our destination leaving behind everything to give way to better alternatives. Eventhough, at times, we’d wish certain things to stay as they were, there are times when we fancy the idea of those circumstances to by pass without any further prolongation. Yet, it is a harsh truth that all of this is beyond our control and we are rendered completely powerless.

This vulnerable state, however, is an excellent reminder that everything has its own provided time limit and we have zero control over what comes and goes. We are mere travellers, travelling the road of our destiny that leads us to our ultimate destination.

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One mistake at a time…

Single, Thirty-Nothing, London Based, Dynamic Girl…. Who makes quite possibly the worst decisions in life, falls for the wrong guys and is spectacular at royally fucking up – One mistake at a time!

There are two men in my life, they are good guys, neither know what they want relationship wise, and so begins ‘The Game….’ – Yeah, I should walk away, but that would be the easy option – one I rarely take, and then complain about life being unfair (Ha!) You’ll probably come to hear a lot about these wonderfully irritating pains in my ass.

The rest of my time is taken up with work – in the process of a creative career change! Art – I love to draw, Food – I love a good menu 😉

I basically spend a lot of time trying to be fit & healthy……. I’ll hit the gym, or go for a run, vow to only eat freshly cooked healthy meals & quit alcohol…… by the time the weekend rolls around, you can almost certainly find me on my sofa in my sweatpants, drinking wine, ordering Chinese takeaway and binge watching some tragic American high school based series on Netflix telling myself ‘I’ll get up early and hit the gym’ only to wake up at 9,30am with zero intention of exerting myself 😀

Here’s a few things about me that I don’t always like to admit;

  • I’m the worlds worst worrier – can almost guarantee I am already reacting to something that probably won’t happen.
  • I make questionable life choices – try not to judge! I am the queen of bad decisions!
  • Little things can irritate the shit out of me – there will be rants!
  • I procrastinate way too much – Seriously, it’s a miracle anything gets done, it’s taken me at least 4 hours to create and write this blog.
  • I love and care too deeply for the wrong people – I’m working on it 😉
  • If it’s bad for me, you can be sure I will want it – Men, food, wine!
  • My friends would describe me as loyal, generous, no where near as innocent as I look – and feisty. I might be short but I will stand up for myself – even though I’m a pushover!

Overall life is quite comical. If you like having a laugh, join me in trying to figure this all out!

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Relate to Understand

I’d say everything is fine and there’s nothing to worry about, but deep down we all know that’s not the case. Some people can just walk away, forget it even happened. Me… I’m not that type of person. Here I am months later and I still feel the same way. Nothing’s changed , and the pain is still there. Every once in a while I’ll start to cry, some days are harder than others. 

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