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Let God lead the way..

When you are struggling emotionally, mentally and physically, who do u go to? Do u think u can do it on your own? Do u think that because you was so strong through other situations, u have to be strong in this situation too? Do you think that you are alone in this or u have to get yourself out of it? My answers to this is you are not… Read More »Let God lead the way..

I choose to be happy 😃

I’ve been searching long and hard for me myself my true self. I always thought i knew myself until i began to learn different things every day about my self… my hobbies, my thoughts, my friends, my state of mine. I love myself! I love myself even more now. I’ve changed. I’ve grown. Experience are what makes your life. Love is what makes your life. People say life is what… Read More »I choose to be happy 😃

True Submission Part 1: The Women

So the picture up above is the biblical view of submission in marriage. In God’s eyes, this is how a true Christian household is to be run. Here’s the issue: we have a much different view of marriage these days, even submission these days. Thank Satan for that one. Now people have always mentioned Ephesians chapter 5, even the scriptures found in 1 Peter, but what does it ACTUALLY mean… Read More »True Submission Part 1: The Women

Starting Over with Me

Starting over with me has actually meant for me to start over with God. He started with me by saying, “You’re going to be getting married, but first, we need to work out a few things.” Well, first I needed the correct view of marriage–in the biblical sense. Then I needed to understand what “true love” was. Finally–and this was the hardest part for me–understanding sex in the context of… Read More »Starting Over with Me

Lights In the Darkness

Mike’s Common Sense We are beings of light. Each one of us is the prodigal child of God sent into the spiritual-material worlds for schooling. Many of us have been going to this school for 100,000 years or more. Now 100,000 years may seem like a lot, and it is, but in relation to eternity it is but a small drop in the bucket. Because we are beings of light… Read More »Lights In the Darkness

Personal Thoughts

Lord, I feel alone, which makes no sense, but it’s how I feel. I know You are there. Your hand is evident in my life. I am blessed with so much more than I feel I deserve. Who am I to ask for more? Abundance is what You’ve promised to all who believe in You and Your Son, Jesus Christ. Can I hope to have that promise fulfilled in my… Read More »Personal Thoughts

God’s Breath

It comes upon me flowing gracefully; your gentle hello It ruffles the pages as I read, as I write, It stirs my soul; like words whispered in my ear~   It commands me to listen, to quiet my mind, center my heart, to hear your message; you love me, you say on the breeze~   It propels, gently, greatly,abundantly. shall i don a summer top, a sweater, to walk with… Read More »God’s Breath