Discover the Yello or “Blues” in You: Post Pregnancy

As writers we all share a common goal of telling a story. It is our awesome responsibility to communicate successfully to our readers information of all kinds. I strongly believe that the function of both writers and journalists are very relevant in today’s society. According to Louis D. Brandeis who was an associate justice of …
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Cages and Curses (Wild thoughts)

There is no peace when you serve Satan! What is caging you may ask? It is when a person is literally put in a cage spiritually, so that they cannot see the wrong actions of someone, or so that they will believe lies about someone. It’s kind of like putting mental blinders on someone. Like …
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Training for the Gold (Arousal Control)

As our teenagers adjust to their changing roles in a wide range of interpersonal and family relationships, they often feel a strong pressure towards conformity. Some become aware that they will soon have to be the generation that must run things or take over. Looking towards such an enormous responsibility can be frightening but it …
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