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Symptoms of Black Magic

Production of hairs in the mouth

cotton like material in abdominal cavity portion Naval

Reverse of destiny

Feeling as some one is pinning your body or burning your soul

heart again starts beating even in grave and predators prey you alive this is known as veer kath

Destiny reverses from where it is destined

such as blockage of marriage children and inflow of money

health deteriorates and major share of income expensed on medicines

how it is practiced according to my Granny

by making a reverse verses of Al QURAN and making a threaded Taweez of it

On cut of hairs

undressed clothes of victim body

a black doll is used to pin 📌 and burn

victim feels same sensation

for consistent medical ailment including mental health deterioration

Reversing the verses in this way destiny reverses to encoded direction.

and There is a verse in Holy QURAN to fight and reverse black magic

Surah Naas.

and Surah Baqra

These verses fights against black magic

your mission can’t be failed

your fame eternity can’t be blocked

your enemies will fall like rotten fruits

virtually in your absence destiny will continue its travel

you will astral travel

and grudgeful women will deform

yours prayers will be instantly heard

and you can appeal Almighty to reverse the possible curse.

The name of Gajni is yasir Arafat that manipulated immature mind of my younger brother and he accidentally awarded me short term memory loss..

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