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Sylvester the Cat tells it like it is….or at least what he thinks

Warning, Sylvester has a bit of what used to be called a “potty mouth”, just so you know.

Apparently, this is a young man and his family that has three cats and a dog. One of his cats is named Sylvester and is a lovely black cat. Reminds me of one that I used to have that I called Leo. Leo had quiet the personality also.

He was the one that was rough with a kitten once, who was screaming horribly. I made Leo stopped, which he did without very much resistance. But the minute he did, the kitten attacked again. I looked at the kitten, said “oh, i see what it is, YOU started the fight but were losing so you screamed, well, no more”. I swear Leo looked at me as though to say “See, I told ya…now you know”. And they went on wrestling on the floor.

I never said another word to Leo about it again, no matter how much Munchie (the Kitten’s name) screamed.

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