Survivor of 1000 year flood

This was my county seat on Monday.  I work right at a mile to the right of this picture’s line of sight.  Thankfully, timely and diligent evacuations were undertaken and not a soul was lost.  A few idiots decided they knew better and opted to stay in their trailers… what can I say.  You can’t fix stupid!

I had the privilege of sitting in on the early morning hour evacuation strategy meeting.  It’s not that I’m particularly important in my neck of the woods, just that I was ranking communications officer on duty.  I was told to go so I went.  I remember feeling in awe of these people I work with day after day.  How professional.  I was equally flabbergasted to watch the tight rope they have to walk with “the shot callers” to get done what they know needs to happen.  Sometimes even playing a bit of haggling… asking for more than they need knowing the amount will be cut down.  And yet…  They got it done on very little sleep and surviving on food donations from the community.

I was lucky that my Chief Deputy had seen the writing on the wall and secured two double rooms in a local hotel for dispatchers and/or deputies to sleep or shower during the incident.  I live 17 miles from work and going back & forth was never an option.  It was not exactly a restful sleep but considering what some dispatchers had to endure at their stations (sleeping in empty interview room or empty cells), I was “living it up at the Ritz”.

As for my house… we fared pretty well.  Yes, electricity was out but for only about 8 hours.  The rushing water rolling downhill, eroded the dirt under the corner of my a/c unit and eventually Sunday morning, it slid askew and pulled the hoses.  Thankfully that was the worst of it for us.

And so the clean up begins.  God speed for a quick recovery.

7 thoughts on “Survivor of 1000 year flood”

  1. God bless you and my prayers will be lifted up for you and all of Texas. I have a friend who lives three hours out of Houston she said she was okay just a lot of rain but her heart is broken knowing and seeing the devastation in her beautiful state. Take care and try to shut your mind off and get some restful sleep

    1. Thanks and you are right about working to shut my brain off. Seems to be ever more difficult these days. And I”m glad your friend and their property survived the rains ok.

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