Sunday, Why-Day

I can’t seem to get out of bed. It happens every time when I’m not expected anywhere but today even coffee won’t summon me, wow. I would say it’s the cold but I slept with a little heater on and my room is downright cozy.

I plan my steps but it all just seems so exhausting. It’s contradicting really because I keep hating the fact it’s Sunday which means we’re right back to work tomorrow (Yay? …) Yet here I remain wasting my day away.

While waiting for the motivation to get up, I’ve been working my way around Thinkr to get a good feel for it and I wonder how many changed their usernames… My memory sucks anyways so if hardly anyone here did, then I guess it would still be a brand new hello from me.

I miss the layout… it felt like I was a part of something. Is it pathetic to say I don’t have what I had on Thoughts in my real life? Never have and I’m okay feeling I never will but it just makes it a little more upsetting it got taken away. Although I was a bad “friend” and like many others, I stopped visiting… but I was always welcomed when I popped back in with a ‘hello again’.  Oh, it’s useless. It’s Thinkr now. All in life changes, all beloved gets taken, nothing we can do about it ?

10:33am… coffee… it’s Sunday… the sun is bright… GET UP!


What are you up to today? ?

3 thoughts on “Sunday, Why-Day”

  1. Some days were meant to laze around. It’s the minds way of saying…the time’s still mine. No checklists, deadlines, schedules or appointments. Lazy mornings are a nice little shelter from lives storm of do this and do that. 😉

    1. This is true, but what if you don’t want a lazy day every day but your body says otherwise? ? The constant battle.

      Reading through this I think it may be coming off as a ‘poor me for being able to sleep in’? haha Oops

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