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Sunday Sunset

I returned home from South Dakota/ Nebraska on Saturday but didn’t wake up until late Sunday and was gifted this beautiful Sunset. I think I mentioned that my son who returned from England wanted to visit my parents before he returned back to England? Of course my other 2 sons were so against me going with South Dakota having the worst Covid #s in the world. There was no way we were going to fly so we rented a large SUV and took off. We stayed at my brothers place in Nebraska. He signed up to volunteer helping families being quarantined on the reservation so he rented a small (Haunted) house in Nebraska so he doesn’t risk getting my parents sick. He lives 45 minutes away from them so we were going back and forth …staying with him and spending a couple of nights at my parents. We were only going to stay 3/4days….but there was an issue with my sons girlfriend in England getting needed paperwork for my sons Visa so he wanted to stay in South Dakota a few more days. And while we were there… Uncle got sick and passed away. He was the last of my dads siblings….his younger brother. So we stayed to give my dad support.

We were in the City shopping for gifts because we were PLANNING on going home the next day when we got a call from my Niece. She said my Cousins called from the Hospital…..that we needed to come see my Uncle tonight because they were taking him off the ventilator the following day. So we waited 2 hours for my other sister to drive my dad to the city and we all walked in to the hospital together. We had to put gowns / mask/ gloves on to enter his room. My dad sat holding his brothers hand for a few hours. The next day they took him off the ventilator and he was conscious. So they decided to take him home because that is where he wanted to die. They made arrangements with the local hospice. On route home…he passed.

Due to Covid….they are having a large funeral next summer. But they had a small viewing for immediate family and a small service at a Church. The church roped off every other isle to ensure social distancing. I doubled my mask….and went for my fathers sake. Oh…my Uncle didn’t have Covid. He had a stroke a few years ago and has had complications since.

So we ended up being there for almost a month. I did sign in here maybe 2 weeks ago because we were exposed to a cousin with Covid and she didn’t even tell us. So we were going to spend at least a week at my brothers without seeing my parents. I figured I could hang out here at Thoughts and bombard the place with my wonderful post. Ha! But my mom called and said….ALL OF US WERE EXPOSED TO HER so get over here. I can be so absent minded sometimes. And when I am at my parents….we are always doing something fun so I had no time to post. Anyhow…..some of us got tested and it showed negative. So we tested before we left here……didnt want to get my parents sick. We tested while there ….and my son and I just got tested again today. We will know in a few days the results. So until we get the results….we are wearing mask in the house and staying in our rooms. We were going to get an AirBnB for a week or two….but my other son wanted us to come home but to stay in our rooms until our test come back. So here I am….with my cat sleeping next to me. Happy to be home.

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    1. Thank you 🙏🏼
      My son and I got our recent Covid results back and they were negative again. SO now he feels like bragging. We went to the place with worst Covid numbers in the world (South Dakota) and we did not get it. Not that its anything to brag about…..we just did the basics…wore our mask and carried our hand sanitizer around with us every where we went. And depending on the size of the place and how many people were in a store…we doubled our mask.
      So far….5 of my cousins contracted Covid in South Dakota and 2 ended up in ICU.

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