Summer Rain

I sometimes wonder which you will appear

And will I be the one you’ve come to see

I imagine so much in my thoughts of you

And yet, I don’t know…

The space, the distance, the near and far distort as much as the wanting and wishing

Time drags when you’re not near

And flies whenever you’re here

I wait for the real of your touch

The spark

When eyes meet and time stands still

Do we even breathe or would that break the spell?

Is it magic?


Is that less real than hoping and dreaming

or more?

Science tells me all the things stars are, but I still wait and wish upon them, with the hope that I might see them in your eyes with wisps of your hair rising on the evening breeze in summer’s warmth.

The scent of honeysuckle and pine conjure you, and clear running mountain streams. Ethereal and free like the songs of birds unseen in the trees.

I pause for these lost in the thought of you and believe..believe in more than work, and hard times, and TV, and taken for granted. I believe there can be love that finds a way and thrives against all odds.

I believe in smiles and laughter and heedless kisses in the summer rain. In the magic of your touch and the holding of hands.

I ramble I know, lacking not for words, only missing you who are not here to pause them with a kiss, and then speak my words unspoken with your eyes. Eyes which whisper of mystery and magic deepening as the shadows fall…

I am but a simple man in a world which sometimes seems to large but in my pride I’ve marked my spot and stand my ground. And if for such a one as I ever a thought may cross your mind, think kindly and remember, foolish I may be, but in you I believe.


3 thoughts on “Summer Rain”

  1. There is something with being able to share a certain vulnerability with someone.. to share your darkest moments- accepting every part.
    This was a beautiful read.
    It reminded me of the thought that love doesn’t have to be just an idea or a dream..
    I’m glad I came back to read this…
    your words are always touching.

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