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Hello Thoughts!

I’ve just created a new “stories” section here on thoughts at

A month or two ago I created a “stories” category for people to share posts in and its growing quickly which is great to see.

I went ahead and created this new story section of given the success we’ve seen with it served only as a category so far.

All posts that are categories in the “Stories” category well automatically appear with all other stories on

People like to tell their story and that’s a big part of what thoughts is all about in the end. our story’s come from our thoughts acted upon.

You can write your story, or vlog your story on with free unlimited video hosting and free blog hosting by WordPress for sharing your stories with friends and thoughsters.

Story vlogging is actually becoming a thing…

Hope you enjoy!

One Love


2 thoughts on “Stories now live on”

  1. I can’t help but like this addition to thoughts. Most of my blogging falls under the category of writing anyway. . .so what’s not to like?

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