Stood up

So here i sit…aren’t you the lucky one?…lol  I got stood up.  Yep, had a girls night in planned with my bff of some 45+ yrs.  Went and bought a bottle of wine, (and some t.p. so all was not lost with that trip…lol).  Drove to her house at pre arranged time.  No car in driveway.  Walked up, rang bell (thought maybe her hubby took the car…she could have been in the shower etc), no answer.  Text her ‘are you here?’.  No answer.  Went and sat in my car, waited for a half an hour…text her again ‘Sorry i missed you.  I’m going home.”  So i came home, and now you get me here…lol

Sent an email to another old friend.  He’s actually the one who got me interested in photography.  He took some awesome pics of me.  Naked.  Yep, you heard  I asked him if he still had my photos, and yes he does.  He’s going to put them on a flash drive for me.  I just want to have them for myself.  Someday, i’ll look at them and remember i was younger…and have proof…lol

And no…i’m not sharing 🙂

And yes…they are very tasteful, in shadows, and i’m wearing a black suede jacket with fringe, and my velvet leopard print cowboy hat, and i’m sitting on a backwards chair 🙂

damn i looked good 🙂



6 thoughts on “Stood up”

  1. I always wanted boudoir photos taken but I never had the guts to do it. And I’m sorry you got stood up by your friend. Time alone with girlfriends gets ever more precious as we get older…

    1. thanks. I got to set up whatever poses i wanted, because it was a private shoot, so they weren’t blatant, but sexy 🙂
      After being told i was ugly, and fat for most of my marriage (long story), i needed to see for myself if this were truly true, that’s why i did this; as i went back to school, and graduated w/honors after being told how stupid i was.

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