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Stem cell weak tissues rehabilitation recovery miracle A pictoral proof to put an end to rumours (A medical Blog)

Regeneration of teeth at the age of 35 I am the Lizard tail man or the Star 🌟 Fish edges Man

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words I had been rumoured as transgender and publicly threatened to be uprooted in eunuch by castration but They poisoned me to impotency The recovery proof is this bully I mean penis is curved as erectile muscles are fully functioning tissues healed fully and It has been since 1999 this miracle started recovery and from 2001 to 2022 I am fully healthy tissues male from lean wrists and inward popping cheeks Skelton…It’s a miracle My Anorexia Recovered after Resperidone controlled excessive sperms production and ejaculation and Anorexia recovery drugs made digestive hormones improve digestion and see I am physically Carbon Copy of Brock Lesnar

and see no hairs on my testes sacs and left side of my left thigh The pictoral proof of bioling milk conspired incident The Almighty is guarding my assets ( Private parts) with some holy prayers for me…If you question my mental health then not less than differently abled genius superman that has a merman sleeping sex pattern and only was embarrassed to discuss any women will she be my mermaid to have a sex. I don’t have other men like sex pattern but 3x sleeping position timing of maximum 2:30 to 3 hours of normal men. In normal position erectile muscles lose erection

I was embarrassed to discuss this even I am still incompetent to observe matrimonial social norms being differently abled and this has not only forced me to eat the feaces to tie a knot with illeteracy also vulnerable to threats to matrimonial sucess but also face the music in reward of bringing social Reforms to this state and transforming school of thought of state to Almighty’s perceiving Eye.

Obviously reason of my stress and depression was offenses to my assets or private parts and continuous mess with my intentional sexual functionality decreasing dopamine and testosterone hormone level in my body and in lack of erotic hormones Only nocturnal penile tumnensce define erectile health of penis muscles and health of veins if dream faires in dream keep in it blood flow going as long as that dream thought process is locked in in absence of such offensive sexual health consequences that make me insecure depressed socially withdrawn and worthless in absence of trade of assets for better standard of living.

That’s only reason Almighty inflict highest rate of sexual health cases in entire world in this region

As this world is Manipulation in Almighty Hands and every existence is like different playing items of chess whatever move he wish he makes so he let undertakers to inflict various punishments on transgressors as a part in this world

So highest ranging rate of breast cancer 🎀 is here after that Overy and myocardial cancer than Jaw cancer Cervical cancer And in males blood cancer testes and penile cancer these are highest ranging cancer Even snake 🐍 physical mutant was mutated for her perception towards bias of sexuality towards particular pure people and disrespectful thoughts towards shrine of last apostle…You will find I nailed it as well if you perceive it unbiased…Arabian are polygymic that’s why the sexual health problem never struck them while West is naked and open in sex it also remains sexually healthy sexual health problems only strike shy shaming and sexually biased males and females

Just nailing it.

3 thoughts on “Stem cell weak tissues rehabilitation recovery miracle A pictoral proof to put an end to rumours (A medical Blog)”

  1. you are just awesome i read all of ur post you inspire me there is much to learn from you u make me think that” As human beings, we have this awesome ability to persevere in really difficult times with nothing more than what you’ve been given: an able body and a strong mind. The resiliency inside all of us is dormant but kicks in when you move forward in life.
    Adversity forces you to dig down deep inside to make you rediscover your inner strength or to fire synapsis in your brain that create new learnings. Moving forward in uncertainty forces the potential energy that is already within you to come out.
    Life is good…sure it’s hard…but it’s still good and can be so much more fun if you go with the flow.
    All of us are meant to create positive impact to all those around us, in our own unique way. …. you are true inspiration thanks

  2. We all have a body and a mind, strong or not but, more importantly we have a Spirit within. We are NOT that body, that image, that physical representation. It is in Spirit that we experience universal one love. On the physical plane we are victims of Ego, of opinions, of what we call ‘society’. Raise up and we can see beyond and over all boundaries, barriers and divisions. It means nothing what anyone else thinks of us. They are entitled to their opinion, no matter how wrong they may be. We don’t need to respond to their opinions. One of my favorite authors, Richard Bach, said it like this: “A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed, it feels an impulsion… this is the place to go now. But the sky knows the reasons and the patterns behind all clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons”. The physical IS a horizon, a limitation. Raise yourself above and BE your true self! (The photo was unnecessary btw).

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