Special Need handicapped

Help me finding weak needy special need people because of them you are receiving provision and your resources are being mobilised

Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking were mentally special need but for being mentally sick they were not undertaken with Stonning or psychedelic with psychiatric Drugs They on being found sound mind educated and Their Deep Observation was acknowledged that uncovered the behind the scene science of Universe

Until Charles Babbage introduced a computer and England successfully installed Artificial Intelligence in brain of Stephen Hawking that explored further Universe in brief history of time

Ponder for their are signs ( who observe deep)

Issac Newton Galileo and Thomas Edison were declared retarded but They were gifted deep observation they used to see what normal senses can’t perceive This is known as sixth sense that was more developed in them

When any of senses malfunction other senses develop

Nobody stoned Galileo when he said earth is round

No body put Edison on psychiatric drugs and psychedelic him when his school declared him uneducable rather his mother educated him and he invented electric bulb

Nobody suspended Newton upside down with apple tree where he observed force of gravity

Nodoubt Almighty perceive deep

And Muslim scientists reached to terrible End in history and all scientific Arabic Bible versed stood true on English scientists and many among them had mental health issues dyslexia Autism birth special need or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS),

Don’t built too much perceptions as some perceptions are dreadful sins

We should stay in reality as perceptions away from reality give raise to radicalism

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