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Sous Vide 🥩🍗

So I finally got into the Sous Vide game and don’t plan on turning back anytime soon. IT IS AMAZING!!! The BEST Chicken I have ever made. One of my sons kept asking me for a few years if I wanted a Sous Vide machine….and my thinking is….another gadget I may never use. So I kept telling him not now…not now. But he bought me one which sat there for a month next to the new food processor he bought me almost a year ago I have not opened yet. So…since I broke the same toe I broke last time (don’t ask) …. I sat watching videos on how to use this amazing gadget and watched all the reactions of people who absolutely LOVED the outcome. So I finally opened it and made chicken. And it truly was the best chicken I have ever made. It is so easy. I was going to explain exactly what it is….but decided to post a video 🤗

If you have Sous Vide……share your recipes please. I highly recommend this to everyone.

2 thoughts on “Sous Vide 🥩🍗”

    1. Actually it takes longer to cook things…..lower temp longer cooking time. BUT….you drop the bag in the water and you are free to do other things for an hour or two. So easy.

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