Something Told Me

Nothing, no blog space, has ever quite filled the void that the old left behind. So I received a happy little surprise last night when something told me to type into the search bar. When I did that, I arrived here! I recognize a couple names, here and I used to go by Morningafter7 on the old Thoughts.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could recreate the old Thoughts here? You know, the wonderful discussions, the typing in whatever you felt that day and finding someone fun to talk to?! Before things got glitchy and virusy. Before it became infected with evil people. I hope we can do that here.

WordPress has always confused me a little, and I still wish Thoughts was like it used to be but I am still so happy to see it back!

9 thoughts on “Something Told Me”

  1. I have never stopped.missing the old thoughts and a lot of the old thoughtsters too. I have been away too long but I’d like to be back for good too. Thoughts was always more than just a blog place to write for me. I won’t say it’s my Spiritual home but it certainly motivates and inspires me to write, bringing out the best. I think its time to start that again.

  2. Welcome Home Hikergirl7!
    Yes….it can be confusing around here until we learn what button does what.
    I think I may have created 100 test post testing out different features and I still have not utilized every feature available. Thank goodness I don’t blog for a living 😉

    It’s gonna take participation to get this place back to the way it was ….. so we look forward to seeing your post.

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