Something bad happened…

to me, and I thought I would share it with you all. There really is nowhere else I can put my feelings down without making my family members upset, so here goes. Friday night I was leaving the house to take JH to his mom for a visit. He is my four-year-old grandson. I reached into my jewelry box to put my rings on, as I do not wear them at home due to being in bleach in the daycare on a constant basis. I noticed that three of my rings were missing, three of them. An anniversary band worth a couple thousand dollars, and two gold bands, one of them being my wedding band. I have been married since 1983, and that small 2mm gold band means a lot to me. The anniversary band has five diamonds in it, and was given to me by RJ in 1994. This ring alone was worth at least $2000. The other gold band was my husband’s gold band, that does not fit his finger anymore. So, all of these rings have sentimental meaning for me, and I am quite devastated. Sigh!


I searched around my dresser, which the rings have been known to fall out, because sometimes I am in a hurry and do not make sure they are secure in the box. It has a front opening door, and I generally open that door and lay them on the floor of the box. Well, I didn’t find them. We were on a time crunch, so we had to go on and leave to take JH the one hour drive to his mom. I went over the last time I had actually worn the rings, which would have been the 1st,  a full week earlier. I then had to think of who would have actually had the gall to reach into my jewelry box, in my bedroom and take three rings. I couldn’t fathom my son doing it, or my daughter. My son’s gf who is living with us at the moment is a possibility, but still that is a stretch. I decided perhaps my grandson who is just four took them to play with them. Afterall, he has zero clue of their worth. Sigh!


We dropped JH off, and headed straight home. I went through every single item sitting on my dresser, and that was quite a few things. When I get busy, I tend to start stacking things. I mean to go back and sort all of the things out at one point, but it sometimes takes me a while. So there were stacks of clothes, papers, and magazines. I had recently put a lot of the clothes into the closet on hangers, which presents another issue. The closet is full top to bottom with clothes, filing cabinets, and Rubbermaid tubs of pictures from over the years. I also have two large plastic boxes of memorabilia from my mother’s house. In other words, the closet would take hours to disassemble, and I didn’t have time for that. I shook out every magazine. I went through the drawers directly under the jewelry box, and looked under the dresser. Took the bed apart to look under there, and under the mattress. I had zero luck finding these rings. I did ask my son and his gf if they took them, because neither of them work, and of course the money would be nice. Neither of them appreciated me asking (accusing) them. My son totally freaked out to be quite honest. He has had a history of pawning things, and I was concerned that maybe he had pawned it. His gf is on probation due to some old issues she had, and basically has not had the funds to pay the fines for those charges. The charges are up to $3000 now, and of course she could use the money on that. They swear they did not take them. That leaves JH.


We picked JH up yesterday, and I took him to the jewelry box to ask him if he had taken the rings to play with. He said he had taken them, and put them down a vent in the central heat and air unit. We could not find them in any vent though, so I just don’t know. I haven’t made a police report yet, because what if JH did take them to play with. He is only 4, and he doesn’t know anything about the value if jewelry. He isn’t really old enough to punish, because he may have just made it up. He is not mature enough to understand the importance of telling us the truth. He lives in make believe land most of the time. That leaves me with no real answers. No real plan. No wedding band, no anniversary band. Very sad day indeed. So now for the rest of my life I am going to be on the lookout for these rings in my house. I pray with my entire being that JH was indeed playing, and that I will just happen up on these rings while I am cleaning.  Goodness me! 🙁

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  1. I relate to your hurt and problem. Many years ago, I too lost some precious rings which I had taken off when I went to bed. The next morning forgetting to put them back on, off I went to work. Later that day when I returned from work expecting them to be where I had placed them, they were gone. I had a roommate at the time and her boyfriend would often visit. I am certain he took them to pawn. And like you, a question is an accusation or possible demise of a relationship. It stung mightily as they, like yours, had special meanings. The following years have been spent searching for a semblance of one the ring’s designs which after 40 years, I have not found. I am sad that you are hurting. It sucks!

    1. Gosh I am so sorry to hear that about your rings. I visited the local pawn shop, and they suggested I do an immediate police report. IN my state, they do a picture of each item, with a picture of the person who pawned it. They scan their ID. The police get a copy nightly of each item that was pawned. That might be a solution, but I do so hate to tell the police that there may be a thief in my home. That coupled with the fact that this is my granddaughter’s mother, and I don’t want to harm our relationship has caused me to pause. If JH did indeed play with them somewhere in the house, they are likely to show up. Nonetheless, my pain is palpable. Sigh!

  2. I fully understand your pain…i will not elaborate as to why. I just want to say that you should get a police report, regardless of how they have come up missing. this will be for your own peace of mind, that you did something without having to actually call the police on someone. this also will help with insurance, if you have them on your homeowners policy, or renters. the police will ask you what you think happened, but you in no way need to actually accuse someone in your home. the police will not do fingerprinting, as all the fingerprints within your home, either live there, or have been invited.
    Hopefully, you will find them soon.

  3. Dincali’s advice is solid, Meltie. Filing a police report doesn’t point any hurtful fingers. Quite the opposite, in fact – it shows your family that you don’t believe they are to blame.

    My initial reaction was that it couldn’t be JH because little weezers like him tend to say they did something when you ask if they think you’ll be happy that they did. But given that he specifically said what he did with your rings, I might take a closer look there.

    I sure hope you find your treasures!

  4. I also can relate and I am sorry you are going through this.
    I didn’t file any report because my gut knew who it was in both cases.
    I eventually got an admission years down the road in one case. They were in “recovery” and it was part of their healing process.

    I do agree with Boot….maybe you should look deeper into the vents of the house.

    I know this sounds odd….but maybe just ask aloud in your room when you are alone for help finding your rings.

    I wish you luck.

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