Some Legends Rise Up, Some Fall

A Legend Falls

As we look back we are often reminded of those who came before us, and made a difference in our lives. It could be anything, maybe someone who makes us laugh, think, or just quiet reflection. One such person for me, was John Prine.

I was taking an architectural drafting course when I was introduced John Prines music. There was a young man taking the course named Mark, a very likeable guy, young, smart, and very friendly. I took a liking to him right away, and so one weekend I invited him to stay at our house for the weekend.

So he accepted the invitation, and since it was the weekend we decided to go out to a local bar. A friend of my wife and I was playing there that weekend, and so I introduced Mark to him. Later on in the evening, mark asked our friend if he played any John Prine songs, and he said not usually, but he knew a few, and said he would play one for him. The song he played was Please Don’t bury Me. Well Mark loved it, and so did I, and I became a John Prine fan from that moment on.

Sadly, John Prine passed away on Tuesday from complications from Covid-19. he will be missed, but through his music, he will live on to old fans and new fans as well.

Another legend fell this past week, Bill Withers. He made the song “Ain’t No Sunshine” and international hit. He also had many others, including Lean on Me, Just the Two of Us, and many more. He passed away on March 30th.

John Prine

Legends Rise Up

Valdy (Valdemar Horsdal)

Valdy is a Canadian legend. He started out back in the early 70’s during the hippie years, going from coffee house to coffee house till he became popular and began playing big venues. I had the pleasure of seeing live in a small venue in a town (Bridgewater, N.S.) which is about 20 minutes from where I use to live.

He is just one of the many artists who have stepped up and is doing their part for all of us who are stuck in isolation/lockdown. He plays live on Facebook twice a week from his home out in Vancouver. (not sure of the exact location)

He’s a folk singer and has this sweet tone to his voice, it’s very calming and relaxing. He usually throws a few stories in during his set, usually funny, and always interesting. So if you find yourself looking for a good set of 70’s style folk music, check out Valdys FaceBook page for times when he will be playing live. The set usually runs about 45 minutes, and you will hear great music and have a good time.

Burton Cummings

I was sitting around last evening bored and more than a little anxious. Sleep hasn’t come easy to me lately, and I’m sure it isn’t coming easy for many of us living with this uncertainty that surrounds all of us now. So I was scrolling through FaceBook and found another Canadian legend, Burton Cummings.

He, like Valdy plays live concerts for all of us “shut ins”. If you haven’t heard of Burton Cummings, he started out in a group called The Guess Who, which also had famous Canadians the Backman brothers as members, who went on to form Backman Turner Overdrive.

Last Burton was playing easy melodies because he has been suffering from a cold for the last week and his voice isn’t up to par, he was very stressful to say he was not suffering from Covid-19, and just had a cold, a big relief to his fans.

I followed his career from way back when… and was saddened when The Guess Who broke up, but Burton went on to have a very successful solo career. He also starred in a movie called Melania. It wasn’t a big hit in itself, but a few of the songs he wrote for the movie were very successful.

Burton still does live shows, but has stopped using a full band and performs alone now. His concerts are more like “Kitchen Parties” nowadays, which if you’ve ever attended one, is a great time, and is more of a gathering of friends then a concert! My wife is a Newfie (newfoundlander) and they have made kitchen parties famous!

If you want to hear a great voice and some great music, check out Burtons FaceBook page!

So Many Stepping Up, It Makes You Believe In Your Fellow Man

There are so many great artists stepping up and sharing their talents to us, whether it be music or even comedy, one has to believe in the best of our fellow beings. They are taking their time and broadcasting from their basements, their living rooms and wherever. It is a nice distraction from all the pain and suffering, the panic and anxiety, that is all around us at the moment.

One of the things I enjoy the most when I’m needing a little pick me up, is sitting and listening to some of my favorite artists. I think of all of them, James Taylor seems to be my go to guy when I need that peace and serenity brought back in my life. Regardless of what artist it is, we have to be so grateful that many of them are taking their time during this crisis to share their talents with all of us. Hopefully all this will be behind us soon, and we will be able to get back to a normal routine. I think after this is all over, many of us will have a greater appreciation for family and friends, and to those who are going out of their way, such as first responders, doctors, nurses, and even those grocery clerks who are going in every day and putting themselves in danger, in order to give us some sort of normalcy.

But for now, i’m going up on the roof with James, if you want, you can come join us! Stay Safe, and Take Care of One Another!

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