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Some Ettiquettes and manners

Never raise your voice aloud before your mother or father

Honour suggestion and advices of your father and mother

your father is an experienced person

A father is first door to heaven

underneath service of mother like Mary and Amina

lays the paradise

A father is like a sun it’s sarcasm is warm but it provides all the energy required to illuminate and live

Spend some time with your parents

keep in agreement whatever they advice

beware of eroticism of privacy

Don’t asleep real siblings in single room after adulthood

Monogyny is permitted but polygyny in case your uncontrolled eroticism of privacy lead you to pumping or natural ejaculation polygyny is permitted

never be a futile investment of your parents

sail the boat of your family instead of following norms mores folkway stereotyped in your society.

elders of family should share gifts 🎁 to younger with out discrimination and bias of their underprivileged flesh of their body

A morning deviant returns on evening transformed

he has expiation and don’t mitigate their belief towards compassion of their Almighty Lord..

whatsoever Status Mental condition or underprivileged your flesh are

it’s because they are struggling with their mental health

Don’t insult or abuse them

society will defame and slander him

this eroticism of desirous thoughts will sexually abuse them in privacy and this part of your ancestors will depart generation less after Slander of being addict or lack of sex education

A hoarse and a man never gets old

hence younger girls can marry older healthy men.

not all five fingers are equal

for financially struggling siblings alms becomes due on you

Shop same as you did for yourself

eat same as you ate

cloth same as you are wearing.

Take care of his economical financial needs or money.

Investing on relatives for business establishment or financing their youngsters for qualifications will never be a futile investment.

in your recession period they will finance your youngsters foreign universities will demand only passport

visa scholarship and degree will be provided by themselves.cleanliness is half faith.

Education is skyrocketing expensive but after 12th it gets cheaper with scholarship abroad.


Do your work yourself

be empathetic and develop the rapport with insane

their thinking aloud is direct intuitive from Almighty Lord.

assist your parents in their moveable tasks

Eat with fingers

lick them

eat on carpet or mattress on floor

eat pumpkin it improves memory in dementia

Dates arouse eroticism and timing

Palm oil is a sacred oil

Greet first before next one peace be upon you As Salam o alekum wa rehmat Ulla wabara Katu ho

Never misbehave your elder brother or sister

Don’t slander or jargon your flesh

this will proliferate as a firmly built stereotype

The perceptions are subjective stereotypes are objective.

a reputed and well educated family can break stereotypes

an educated family can claim fine on defamation and Slander and defamation along compensation fine.

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