Some digital art…done by me

Ok, I am the person that once told my teacher that I had no real interest in art. The problem, as I saw it, was that I couldn’t draw worth a darn. Couldn’t even, as I put it, draw a straight line. Well, that remains true–even today. However, over the years, computers and graphic editors have make it possible for me to “create art”. It is still based on my sense of beauty, etc, just done with a program on the computer.

Thought I would share some here with you.

This was some sort of window cleaning apparatus that was in the atrium where I worked before I retired. I just took the picture, and just played with it till I decided it looked interesting.


My cat….Patches. I love the look and how the light area around her makes her eyes pop-out.

I don’t know what it is about this neon affect that I got from using the negative setting. This is a picture of a statue and the trees and flowers around it at Audubon Park, here in New Orleans.

This is the church I went to for a while in my home town, almost 40 years ago. Of course the picture was not taken then. I was in the same denomination about 10-15 years ago and went to a regional business meeting “back home”. I used the “painting” setting for this.

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    1. I don’t remember anymore….it was done over the course of several years, on different computer and not all the same systems even. Lunapix is one of the programs used, and at one I was using gimp.

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