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some a thing

i thgouht maybe id spend some time

make my words a little more refined

but, i think it serves me well

to spit these things out

however they may come

no escapes, no deletes

they tell me its some kind of virute

to spend your time correcting yourself

and well while its fine

i just cant do it

that simple escape into myself just aint cutting it

these days im happy just to have 2 lines to myself

i know if i could focus

itd be great

id be great

id write something worth somethign

id say something worth saying

and thered be nothing holding me back

but does it really mean anything

what this decade has told me is

its here for now and gone tomorrow

life rises and falls like the sun

and its always too late to ask

3 thoughts on “some a thing”

  1. Your thoughts resonate with some of us Ben, although we don’t always see how or why, as the author. I’ve been there myself, more times than I care to remember. I get the absurd idea that it’s okay to make my mad ramblings public and then someone sees something in them that I would never have been aware of in a million years, until they tell me what they see. Keep doing what you do, writing what you write, because it does make sense to some of us.

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