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Socialist/communist democrats and the left are destroying this country.

What we are seeing today happening in the United States is what we witnessed so many times in the past coming out of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union/Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran etcetera in how they deal with those who oppose them, were not being good Nazi or communist comrades. Eliminate those who are a threat to them and will stand up to them with false accusations and phony trials and prosecutions . President Trump is being exposed to that kind of actions/conduct by the left/democrats and the state controlled news media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN etc.,)

The real criminals and traitors are Ex., FBI personnel like James Comey, Bob Mueller, lying Adam (Pinocchio) Schiff, crooked Pelosi, dysfunctional Joe Biden and the list goes on who used federal agencies and tax dollars for phony hearing and investigation into Donald Trumps campaign activities when in fact they knew they had no evidence against him and knew they were the ones, particularly Hillary Clinton and the democratic party who did in fact engage in illegal activities against Trumps run for office. They are the one ones who should be under indictment and being prosecuted for treason and threating our national security.

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