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Social Security Admin., again using the liberal left news media to con the public and our ignorant dishonest congress into believing they are short staffed, under budgeted and competent. Lies, like most dysfunctional and corrupt federal agencies today, like the U.S. EPA, our federal agencies and employees are doing more damage to the country and citizens than all the terrorist groups combined could ever do.

SSA, over 80 thousands employees, earning an outrageous salary of over 80 K., double that with fringe benefits who sit on their desk spread Butts reviewing standard forms that honest citizens fill out for benefits they worked all they lives to earn only to be denied their full benefits on some made up reasons or personal bias of the SSA employee, many combat veteran who got screwed first with meager pay, compared to slave wages so they didn’t earn much social security benefits (SSA employees called them “insignificant contributions” so they will not even count them for earning,) while SSA employees and other federal employees rip the system off and screw honest citizens and congress does nothing. Well what would one expect from congress? They are just another rip off public employee, screwing the taxpayer, milking the treasury for all they can too.

Social security the agency should be abolished and the 80,000 plus crooked employees need to find a job where they will actually have to produce something of value or get canned. Right now they do nothing of value and harass good citizens while hiding behind a glass window and refusing to give their names or supervisor’s name who is more than likely just another incompetent crooked loser like they staff they mismanage. Same for any correspondence you might get from them. No name, title, department, supervisor name, ie, no accountability, thank you corrupt congress.

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