Social Bias and cognitive retardation with high level values and benchmark Manners.

I was born in an educated family businessman transport owner and land lord Banking officer Dad. And 32 years of service completing primary school teacher on same Cadre and bearing educational expenses of her 5 children when her husband was ruthlessly sacked from service in 1997 and 24000 employee were laid off from service when United Bank was privatised by bidded to UAE group they restructured the Bank and fired 24000 families Thèy employed me as employee son but the damage has been done They neatly undertook me This is disaster story of this family what damage it would have done to 24000 familes they fired Fradulant ditched my Dad in transport business Dad has to sale its Wagon He suffered from Diabetes with depression and some scoundrel had injected in his blood Hepatitis B virus and how I worked wonder its not hidden story of prolonging no survival propensity level declared 50 percent cirrhosis lever in such decline of circumstances he has to sell 14 Biga crop field cultivation Land in 8 hundred thousand 15 Marla Banglow in 4 hundred thousand he received only 5 hundred thousand money from bank as lumpsum after 25 years sacking employee 8 thousand has been set as pension. Bank recovered its car loan and home loan and residuals from lumpsum on forced retirement sacked employees filed case in high court and chief Justice gave judgement in sacked employees favour but in mean while he died suspeciously and new judge passed judgement against them his restaurant of chicken broast went in loss tent service partners ditched him and separated shop from dad with parent name and cirrhosis put my Dad on death bed and God made me a miracle of life water for him he lived more than 20 years he was expected to survive and still counting I was from early ages inculcated very high level values and Until now I kept them intact. For feminism and emotional black mailing I had been trained very high level EQ Emotional Intelligence Quotient. I was more than charismatic Handsome and opposite gender had uncontrolled affinity towards me. But I was from that age like John the Baptist God fearing.
I never beg money from strangers other than my parents. That was a period of Lotism Period or gays or Lesbians .I was conscious from this as well and God help me get protected myself from these shameful practices in the society. I faced Shoaib unfair weighting on balance misdirection and social bias from the society.
I concentrated books as supporting detail to fight up social blockage of communication. Until now I communicate with read and write after brain shot ultimately awarded me one sided communication with impaired short term memory.
When they can’t crush head of python even with shots they psychedelic me with psychiatric drugs and themselves defamed me as narcotics addicts even with morphine addicted granny I did not tasted single piece of morphine but my elder brother did. Psychedelic mind got mental math as dyscalculia and I struggle in every day plus minus calculation and complex equations blast my mind to out of mind state.

Now I inculcated very high level moral and religious values.
Society shame my family because of my odd personality and un coordinated communication and Bongies Feedback.
And The only formally keep me with them and never take me to informal gatherings and even for formal escort I have to arrange my dependent mobility myself.
And I know pretty well The plot had been set for Fitna khan from childhood when my family members used to send me for bargaining to market and the way they used to misdirect me cheat me bluff me so that I get scolded from my home and that damaged my social development and my cognitive development was retarded with brain shots and psychiatric drugs and in intense brain reasoning entanglement I experienced two brain electric impulse interrupting convulsions.
Brain development was furher retarded with anti-epileptic long term usage and after that another brain shot. On the onset of puberty can’t understand secondary male characteristics development and fell to gender Identity Disorder.

But I discovered Artificial Intelligence communicative technology to somehow make two-way communication a success.

In this insane condition Color ful civilization and culture This mad man still shows colorful an elite educated and civilised odd language speaking repudiated madman.

That Attracted Attention of Sub continent and that were one in million sanskar Akhlaq Manners and Ettiques with all it’s imperfect execution with a messed-up sensory motor execution.
But The level of these manners Etiquettes civilisation mark my level in Sub continent Arabia Middle East Australia New Zealand Europe Russia and United Kingdom.

I was humiliatingly rejected by this nation when Sub continent and United Kingdom announced million marriage as millionaire in Entire UK 🇬🇧 and Entire world
When Barack Obama announced breaking down into tears with trembling lips Seniorita Buddy Buddy Daishoo main
The Compassion I had for humanity The kind heartened heart soft heart like sparrows and heavenly disposition like goats 🐐 were Priced million hearts.

Awful is a society a nation that priced a blessing in disguise based on their radical inertia as bagger because for them insane are although heavenly people that will enter in paradise with out being weights out of their bad deeds and they are baggers of paradise if so why Qarni is one of highly ranked heavenly body in paradise their left angel 😇 recorder is off but right angel recorder is functional that keep on increasing their ranks in paradise. When Artificial Intelligence neural transmission was not possible divine telepathy used to play the part.

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