So, this morning…

I am thinking about how to decorate a Corduroy Bear for JH’s pre-k assignment. The paper said that this is a “family” assignment. The bears will be hung in the main hallway of the school, and judged by several teachers to decide which one is best. Well then. That means they will be seen by everyone, and it is a challenge as a family to create the BEST Corduroy in the classroom. Competition on!


I mentioned this project to my Sunshine this morning, who is now 29, and she clearly recalls the Corduroy bear she decorated in Kindergarten all those years ago. They hung on the wall until the Fall carnival, and she won a ribbon on hers. When CB 26, who is JH’s dad made his it had feathers on it. I’m thinking we will go with the traditional garb that Corduroy actually wears in his book, green overalls. There is a button missing in one story, but I am thinking we will go with the original story where he has both buttons. So funny how competitive these little assignments can get. I’ve seen some online already from his classmates. Let me say, you can tell the child did none of the work. We will see how JH does with his. It may be a hot mess before we are done. I may need to make a copy, in case we have to start over, and over again. As it is a “family” project, I can’t send a horrible mess to the school. I’ll be curious to see all the different ideas the families come up with. Fun stuff!


I was thinking about how different my life is from one year ago, or even five years ago. Five years ago, I did my job, took some time for my personal photography, ate dinner out, and then relaxed till bedtime. I was on no one’s schedule. I was often bored. Sometimes I went to bed after work, and didn’t wake til the next day. Now I am going one hundred miles an hour, 24/7. Barely have enough time to sleep. Never get everything done. I feel so out of control, especially at work. My nights are full of food, feeding both grands, baths, and then bed time. Sure I could stay up until eleven or twelve, but I am just mentally exhausted by then. I took JH to our local park for 30 minutes last night, and that threw us off by an hour. I had to pick up a prescription, and a couple of things at Walmart, and then I picked up dinner.  I barely got JH In bed by 9:00, and went to bed myself at 9:30. JH gets up at least once in the night to use the bathroom, and he often needs help.  All this broken sleep makes me stressed out. I need my full night of rest. Woe is me. I feel like I am aging at the speed of light. That can not be good.


I have had a busy morning, and just picked this blog post back up to finish and post it. This group of 5 feels more like a group of 10. The work load is excessive. I have to do everything for four of them, only having one that actually does what I ask. Oh bother. I really dread having my yearly full day assessment. I am fairly sure it will be a big fat mess with this group. Sigh! I’m going to hop off of here and try to grab some lunch right quick. I have AE, who is my 7-month-old granddaughter asleep in her bed. Hopefully they will all sleep for an hour at the same time. I hope wherever you are, you are well and happy. I’m making it, though it is a struggle. I am still thankful to be on this side of the ground, and to be able to work, and to have my family close to me. Blessings to all.


peace 😀 shemelts



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  1. i feel like a slacking granny….you totally put me to shame…LMAO!
    i just have two..a 4yo, and a 2yo, and i’m exhausted. by 2:00 p.m. i’m ready for a nap, and counting down the hrs til either M wakes up (daddy works graveyard), or my daughter walks in the door. (usually around 5:30, unless she goes to the gym.

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