So much hoopla over so little…

I look around these days at all these misguided, defiant souls marching around with flags and guns whining about “liberty and rights” over what really amounts to a relatively brief period of inconvenience to their soft, spoiled, complacent, cozy existence.

The people who built this nation would scoff at how such little bit of adversity makes people think the country is under the grip of tyranny requiring remedy by violence. It ‘s alawys violence with some people. Worship of the almighty bullet.

Wah, wah, pass the tissue box.

Really, I think the majority of the angst is about perception more than reality.

Social distancing and lock downs are not the problem.

The problem is people taking life for granted and not respecting or understanding the reality that nothing is ever permanent. Change is inevitable and constant. Always has been always will be.

People should always be prepared to adjust and adapt to uncertainty rather than bury themself so deeply in the delusion of existence that the most minute of disruption brings out such rabid, confused states of hatred and irrationality that people so casually go for the throat of neighbor and brother rather than taking the more reasonable route of coming together, working together, to help each other get through tough times.

I really do believe that most people who would be in position to see and read something like what I am writing actually have no idea just how good they have it.

We live at a point and place in history of unprecedented privilege, good fortune and security relative to human history..

It ‘s not just the current situation with this virus epidemic either.

Still in this advanced and enlightened period of time we have people who hate so virulently over issues of skin pigmentation, gender identity, and sexuality that actually have nothing to do with our own lives that some people would rather burn humanity to embers rather than see a gay or trans person have equal rights.

The tip of the iceburg…

Religious rage and indignation, and the need and desire to control the behavior and lives of brothers and sisters rather than embrace liberty and freedom, as well as diversity.

Stop feeling threatened so easily over things which are not, in fact, a threat.

Stop being slaves to ideas and perception.

Perception is always deception.

The most intense threat to any human being always eminates from our own mind, our own thoughts.wise men and philosophers have been teaching this reality for generations and centuries.

Imagination is always more frightening than reality.

I have small town, midwestern, Central Indiana, blue collar, factory and farm roots. I live in a town of about 18,000 people, almost half of which are Hispanic/Latino immigrants, many of whom are “illegal.”

Life here is good, violent crime virtually nonexistent. People work, and work together. We are community.

Indiana is a “red” state. My little town is about equally red/blue, but we get along. We care about each other. Our little corner would suffer greatly, economically speaking, if our immigrant brothers and sisters were suddenly removed.

And we are not anomaly. We are representative AMERICA…

Stop drinking the juice of divisiveness.

It is hemlock.

Drink from the cup of unity,

The nectar is sweet.

3 thoughts on “So much hoopla over so little…”

  1. “Freedom” is never without limits and when people yell “freedom” as their excuse for endangering other people’s lives, it is almost unforgivable. What it is without question is SELFISH.

    A bunch of Typhoid Mary’s running around carrying the virus to others because they need a hair cut or some other insignificant thing. People yell free speech too, yet if they scream fire in a crowded theater, they are likely to go to jail as a result. That is called “causing a panic” and rightly is seen as wrong.

    Yet some still want to “be free” to do anything they want. Funnily enough, however, they are often the very ones that object to how someone else lives their life.

    1. I don’t think these attention craving extremists comprehend at all the meaning of the term “freedom.” If everyone is not free, NO ONE is free. Privilege, entitlement, and discrimination are not synonymous with freedom. The deluded perceptionnthat one is more worthy of freedom than another is its own kind of slavery. Slave to ignorance.

      1. Yeah, you have a point. I think many of us in the West have an exaggerated view of just how much separate we are from others. Myself included, but times like this serve as a reminder.

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