Snopes ‘fact checker’ is fake

Upon trying to research the actual numbers that the CDC publishes for actual deaths from the corona virus in the USA, I was presented with an article at a ‘fact checking’ website called snopes.

It seems they are unbelievably disingenuous in their alleged fact checking. The alarming part of course is finding out that this ‘fact checker’ is used by FB to ‘fact check’. It turns out the snopes ‘organization’ is bogus, yet ‘fact checks for a platform with over a billion users.

In any case their article claiming that the CDC estimated numbers of covid deaths in the US to date of currently over 67,000 is off by over 30,000 from the actual numbers because of a 1 to 2 week lag time means that 2,000 people per day need to die of COVID over the next 5 days.

Unfortunately, this lame ‘debunking’ is being quoted in the MSM as the larger number of estimates is the one usually quoted in the MSM.

It seems there is a very real reason that the vast majority of the US population no longer believes the MSM narratives.

Now we know that the social media companies and “fact checkers’ are also fake news organizations


3 thoughts on “Snopes ‘fact checker’ is fake”

  1. I would like to hear where you got this conclusive evidence that Snopes is fake. Where did the idea that they are a bogus organization come from? I bet it came from some media outlet, so my question would be which one, and what is THEIR bias?

    1. Ok, I now see what media source you used to justify this statement. Once again, everybody has to pick the media they trust since nobody can be everywhere at the same time. There is just too much stuff floating around. Personally, I trust CNN, ABC, New York Times and the Washington more than I do Fox and Brietbart and much much more than I do right wing sites like American Thinker or Info wars. My basis for deciding who to trust is by history. The longer a media source has been around and has been respected, the more likely I am to believe they are telling the truth more often than not.

      So, it won’t surprise you, I suspect, that I trust Snopes and Politfacts much more than a site that I have never heard of before today…ie Wearexahange. Who is that and what is their political agenda, because most media has one or another.

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