(Slightly Late) Sexy Tuesday – Cabin In The Woods

I know that it’s Wednesday morning (at least where I am) as I write and post this but never mind and it feels like years since I’ve written one of these.


Finding our way from the incoming storm and into the cabin that lay out in the woods that we often frequented we found ourselves finding comfort in the shelter that this cabin provided.

I spied an old oil lantern on the table and I dug out a cigarette lighter from my pocket and tried to light the wick and after a little effort the flame took hold.

Now with the illumination coming from the old oil lantern I could survey the old and dusty settings of the cabin but I found myself surveying you.

Under the orange light emanating I see the curves of your finely defined face as your cheek bones caused a great sense of shadows and your smile under the orange light from the old lantern seemed to be enhanced by this unfamiliar light and causing me to finally take notice of your fine facial features that I had failed to notice under normal and more familiar light.

I leaned in for an obvious embrace.  You put your finger to my readied lips in anticipation for an impromptu encounter and you told me that you were wet and cold while still holding that scintillating smile upon your face.

I was briefly taken aback but I was again reminded of my wet clothes again and my heated feelings were soon dampened by the cold that I also felt so I brought the lantern about and scanned the room.  It was a living area with a well built fire place and I had noticed a fur rug in front of it.

Upon further inspection I had noticed old wood logs and some newspapers nearby.  Whoever had inhabited this cabin had kept it in good order and upon looking at the newspapers they hadn’t been around in years as the stories that I could discern appeared to have been happened and reported on decades ago.

With my cigarette lighter I had gotten the fire started and we had taken off the outer layers of clothing to dry as we sat in front of the fireplace, sharing body heat as well as the heat from the fire.

I could hear the storm approaching closer as the rain had now picked up and some distant thunder rumbling and I knew that it was getting closer.

Sitting close together on the fur rug in front of the fireplace with our undergarments on, me in a T-shirt and long shorts and you in a thermal shirt that was made more tight fitting due to the wetness of the rain and sweat of walking.

We huddled together under the orange and yellow illuminations of the fire.  After a few moments I cocked my head to the side and you turn slightly to me from feeling the change in position of me and you gave a smile that showed that you instinctively knew of the thoughts in my mind at that moment and you turned your head and planted a kiss on my cheek.

Upon receiving this kiss I turned my head to face you and another kiss soon followed and on my lips.  The moment of closeness of huddling in front of the fireplace had turned from simple heat-sharing contentment of being together in such a place to a mood of passion that seemed to be fueled by the heat of the log fire and enhanced by the fur rug on which we sat.

Now lying together under the orange and yellow illuminations of the burning fire our passions were now burning of the carnal kind and we became entwined and in embrace as we find ourselves under the approaching storm and rain pouring on the roof.

You lay down on the rug, now with the thermal shirt removed and your skin under the damp air but that didn’t seem to bother you as your face invited me to be closer and for us to be at one with each other as we waited out the storm, which was now almost overhead but it seemed to fade into nothingness as I lay with you and as our bodies connected the storm seemed to be in on this union of carnal embrace as flashes of lightening flared and disappeared and the sounds of cracks of thunder seemed to be in synchronization of our physical passion that now ensued.

I gazed deeply into your eyes as our bodies are now one and you pull me closer as I give you my loving passion and we embrace as the rhythm of our carnal love and the storm is in the background of this loving situation but it seems to be a part of our current passionate bodily union.

We swap our roles and you begin to show your passion as I now look up to you and I see your body and face in exquisite passion of this carnal act of love.  The light of the fire and the darkness brought on by the storm somehow seems to highlight all that your beautiful face and wondrous body has and it reminds me of why I find you so very and infinitely alluring and illustrious to be with.

After what seems like a moment in eternity and eternal heaven we find ourselves now concluding our carnal passions.  You remain sat upright and breathing heavily, trying to catch your breath and I am doing the same.

We do not move for a few moments and you look down upon me and you give me that smile that shows me your love and passion that I fell in love with, a sort of emotional and underlying knowledge that we share between us, almost like some spiritual understanding that doesn’t need to be said out loud and you lean forward and plant a deep and loving kiss upon my lips to seal the moment forever within us and we remained upon this rug together, feeling each other’s skin one another and your skin feels almost angelic, like an angel has descended from heaven on this day and had shown me heaven in this union in this cabin.

The storm had almost passed some time ago before I had regained my senses and I found you almost dressed and you smiled to me as a reminder of what was shared between us and the fire had died down to slightly smoldering embers and ash but the fire of passion hadn’t quite left me and seeing your smile again will always remind me of that.

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