‘Skinned’ Bread

Is it wrong of me to prefer bread without some thick outer layer of bread skin? I dislike having to peel back chewy (and often times bland) crust of a roll or sub to get to the soft, delicate insides. I have having to work at my food… which is why I dislike crab/crab legs. lol I do not like to have to work at my meal.

If that is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right!

5 thoughts on “‘Skinned’ Bread”

  1. Beyond kindergarten, I thought the crust wasn’t an issue.
    Of course, there’s no right or wrong about this, whatever floats your boat.
    I like pitas and naan bread that could be considered all crust.

    1. I have come to really enjoy Naan bread…. I supposed I never thought of it as being “all crust” but you’re right. Yet it isn’t a chewy type crust as some of those deli-made rolls and breads are, ya know? I guess I just do not like “chewy” bread.

  2. Like Vinent Says….what ever “floats your boat”

    I don’t mind a little work for something that is really tasty….like crab legs. Nowadays when you order them they usually cut the shell for you so you pretty much just have to dig the meat out.
    Lobster…..another hassle food but very good.
    Sea Urchins!

    And oddly enough all of these caught on “floating boats”


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