Show me how?

I find this NEW place as screwed up as the last version of I keep clicking on thids show me how button and when I choose a tpoic to learn about it keeps taking me back the original page and prompts me “this cannot be done from this page” or something like that. This site is nothing at all like the wordpress I have been using the past 4 years thats for sure.

Another great idea from Ben …

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  1. I agree it definitely has it’s quirks. I have a WordPress account it is not as cumbersome as this is. Hopefully all the glitches will get ironed out I have already met some nice people. Hang in there ED

    1. I know right Christine?! I logged into my wordpress account just to be sure nothing had changed & I found that it had not. I am not sure as to why this is so much differrent. Perhaps I missunderstood Ben when he was describing it on thoughts.

  2. Thank you for highlighting this issue. This feature was installed with the software automatically. I will try to fix it or remove it so as not to make things more complicated with a broken tutorial feature. Thanks again!

    1. Hello Ben, I hated to be critical of your new blog site. I really did but I was just being honest. By far I am not the smartest pea in the pod but I am not computer illiterate either and the frustration just got the better of me. I do not know why the original thoughts had ever been upgraded because it worked so damn well, for me anyway and when you upgraded it, it was just not the same anymore. Anyway, now with this new site I had high hopes of it being more user friendly (as my wordpress account is). Best of luck with getting this one up & going!

  3. My issue is lag time and being able to comment at all. Most of the time when I hit “post comment”, it will sit there forever and do nothing. So I have to copy & paste, click out of thinkr’s and wait til the site allows me in again. It can sometimes take up to 5 minutes. Then find the blog I was on and paste my comment. This has been going on since day one. Its so frustrating.

    1. Thanks for this feedback. I will contact my hosting support manager tomorrow and see what can be done about this speed issue. I’ve also had problems with the speed when making updates to the site so I’m sure they can so something to resolve the problem. Also, please understand this was launched very quickly and there will be a few more weeks to get it ironed out just right. It will be more stable than was but it will take a little getting used to the new format naturally. Hopefully in time you’ll all love it here even more than even the best days of The expenses of were far too much to keep it online. The costs to fix the bugs and work was just too much. I feel good about a fresh start on Thinkr and am very happy to see so many of you here already! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I feel your pain, I really really do! As two people that were on the original thoughts this is really frustrating indeed! Sometimes change is not the best thing & in this case I believe that to be true. I know Ben had or had a reason to change thoughts a long time ago, and have no doubt he does with this blog but it is like anything else, the user has to be considered. If you sell a product that is defunct or does not work well, people will stop buying it and or recommending it to others. Like you, I am trying to hang in there!

    1. A Good Thing: Any comment left on a post you have written can be edited or deleted. Even a comment written by you. Bad Thing: Comments left on the posts of others can’t be deleted or edited. We were able to delete comments on Thoughts.Com. Missing that feature.

      1. To keep it honest, I really do not know a lot about the last version of After the original was changed or upgraded it was far more difficult to do things on it so I stayed away. When thoughts 1st went online several years ago I practically lived on it. I would sign on many times per day and post each time. It is a shame but like you I was, I am sure there will be things on the last version of thoughts that you will miss.

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