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should I define who I am

My Absolute Values ( Shinning Star in Entire Galaxy and a Geoffrey)

Serving The humanity

The best offer that we need is to serve humanity

but above all is to transform yourself

It was a time of cyber bullying when it was common among the boys and girls to chat and create the understanding on yahoo and hotmail messenger.

Mostly among online universities or high scoring students of high ranked universities.

After assuming fame while discussing my brain internal situation it all of a sudden got fame of the world.

And this fames widely spread in India and specifically USA.

Here the foremost this was my out dated Hand out word bank that was so odd that even British had to decode or translate but my Karma or destiny reversing black magic revolved around countable each and every person that stepped forward to help me.

The foremost thing the world came to know was accuracy of unseen and it was Almighty Lord himself that revealed his angels over house of Almighty’s House Khana Kaba.

Just let me discuss what values I sustained because  of which I remained unchanged

I had not Alcohol consuming habit but I remained addict of soft drinks and because of it I am on verge of Diabetes Type 2 and I have lost my 3 teeth.

But I won’t call it a miracle because miracles are on prophets but it is known as karamat that happens on highly elevated saints,

At the age of 35 my teeth are partially regenerating.

I confess I set the trend of co chatting between opposite gender.

and cyber bullying was not a crime at that time. but Actually I got conflicted between my duties for my parents and personal selfishness to keep going leaving behind all my siblings as my reputation at that stage was of an insane mentally retarded but when my i started producing results on board examination that rather that awarding my knowledge checked my handwriting grammatical mistakes and thought process signifying mental health level

First and foremost thing was I was a transformed and had deep study of my religion

but I was the one that first ever used radical Islam term and differentiated it from fundamentalists.

I was complete non radical fundamentalist born Muslim.

Such as I knew bribe can purchase you any interest you want

you can debt people on interest

I am still superman but psychedelic so sterility propensity was requiring treatment.

but matter of fact is there was a conflict between duty and desire.

I should be selfish and move on to complete my qualification that was just 5 semester away

or I should search Hepatitis medicines and become a medical successful researcher

and Almighty guided me and from 2004 to 2023 the life quality increased.

but as he also had other complications such as Blood pressure Diabetes insulin dependent type 1 and hyperglycemia

recently attack of hyperglycemia had attacked his eye sight.

in my values serving the humanity and performing human rights was a top virtue.

I had a soft and caring heart for my parents and siblings.

I had completed my qualification 11 years before even my elder brother.

The self study is my every hour habit on palm top because every kind of information make sense to me

after reading Google.

Here is the Research Process that I am disclosing in detail

How HBV attacks

Through Silva

Sexual intercourse

blood transfusion

Injecting through syringe

This Virus gets dormant but a virus because of it’s RNA replication ability multiplies

and when it finds suitable culture to grow again

I starts feeding on liver

Liver Cirrhosis results

Leading to Liver cancer

Liver cirrhosis was the stage from where Teno Fo B not only minimized the copies of  HBV

but at the same time three times the laboratory test showed presence of HBV

totally Nill

If he don’t had diabetes type 1 insulin dependant

his liver is still in best condition of transplant to regenerate back liver with removed HBV.

Now as Humalin Insulin withdrew its manufacturing in this country his diabetes sometimes gets up and sometimes hyperglycemia attacks.

Currently His liver is in transplant condition but it’s success rate is high in india and USA.


sperm ejaculation from erotic thoughts in adult and growing age leaned me.

I was crazy for Karishma Kapoor and her erotic thoughts started causing my ejaculation every day.

within 5 years my stomach had stopped normal digestion

with the help of questionnaire

I wrote detailed symptoms

One of my fellows once said you are in Bulimia Nervosa

but I was more accurate in diagnosis when I said it’s Anorexia Nervosa Although I am neither model nor girl

                                                            but Anorexia main cause is not fasting but excessive waste of sperms that leans the body and pepsin like hormones are not enough produced for digestion.

My weight improved from alarming 43 kg to excessive 96 KG

at the same time my erective timing and muscles strength also recovered gradually.

so medically I could reproduce but can’t intercourse normally.’

igniting burn and molestation that was just an attempt that means from nowhere  sex happed that i am accused of because at that stage my signals were weak that improved until I went for marriage.


My younger sister is a gifted and genius child and now she has grown up into a women and she has prepared chart for her dad of food and precautions for my Dad.

Infect this is the sister that I nurtured and fertile her brain by just motivating her to naturally directing healthy thought process.

when she suffer fro prolectinemia I just informed here to keep reading the side effects until your proclaimed dad keeps on experimenting you

as he never confessed his own drug abuse slowed down my academic performance and it is science dementia patients can’t memories mathematics or perform mental math.

                                                                     within this age her menstrual irregularities are being successfully treated as she is in adult age and it’s just beginning and menstruation has improved.


The more tears I shed the more I break down.

Mom is patient of diabetes

Skull of mom is operated after being accidental on Rickshaw.

Urination is frequently or after every hour

Kidney and gall bladder are weak muscle,

Don’t stop here

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      She is acute sinus and muscles have popped out that are causing blockage and the condition is now complex..

She can’t be operated because of blood pressure.

Cancer recovery

She also had epidermal cancer

 as cancer was traced on nick of time

it was in stage 2

So potentially I murmured in Dad’s non intentional listening

” The cancer has not proliferated to myocardium pericardium  and other layer and ovary is normal as well

all three layers and ovary was removed and in the end radiotherapy was performed.

after so many years  She is one of the cancer survival of Pakistan.

Check out here courage

when angel or old spirit said to her”( you will be mistaken)

Her Dad came to her in spiritual soulful condition and held her hand will you take care of my son…He is most transformed and cleansed at this stage on earth.

That was a glad tiding for me and my brain at stage after younger brother impaired my brain with sharp shots with my one minute unconsciousness.

So serving the humanity is top of my values

after serving the humanity

deserving and needy comes

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I generate and reattempt staff member’s SNC ECCE Easte British  Council free of cost.

while the cost is 1000 to 500.

per certificate

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ” and pay the servant his salary before his sweat dry’s

Free Advisory Administrative suggestions

like doctor charge outsource is pay for his every precious suggestions

but I provide free of cost.

There was a time when somebody just manipulated my reformed thinking towards difficult dreams.

I had lagged behind because No unsound mind are allowed to enter in England.

She persuaded me

than notice complete dialogues

can I call you didi or sister

F.  Islam has not room for unblooded proclaimed kinship.

ME. Then we are friends

F. Never dare to think

ME: than what relation you define for me

F.   you will come to know


Me: Can we marry than

F. I think your mental health is not ok i have understood you as much as i can but now i will take a police action on next


ME: I have fallen for you and just completed BS

it’s acceptable in UK?

F: It is a trash like you you can get job nowhere in this world or Pakistan

After Medical  Field Transformation into HR analyzer and educationist.


Child Friendly project

Walk in interview


United Bank Limited


Retrenched  son/daughter

Education Department



Transform yor self

I am not liar

I am integral in bargaining

No narcotics Morphine

honest    yes no financial embezzlement record

                                                                                                                                                                                            Cigarette            no

Smoke pump   no

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Women lose talk and harassment        no

Grassroots Level Teacher

A result oriented Grassroots level teacher

Certificates Child Friendly Project CFS  UNICEF

ECCE Early Child Hood care and education   QAED

EasTE  English Language Teacher and Educator   British Council ( Certificate of Participation )

SNC English  Single national curriculum For teacher of English Language QAED

SNC Urdu  Single national curriculum for teachers of English Language   QAED

Islamic Studies SNC Single National curriculum for teachers of English Language.  QAED

Some uncertified and unacknowledged life achievements that are sadqa e Jaria for me as well as its credit will keep on adding to me in grave until judgment day.

Discovering and applying HBV successful treatment mechanism until liver transplant stage comes and liver recovers back to normality

subjecting my own day and from 2004 to 2023 Tenofo B Nill the HBV three times and in the nick of time liver transplant was required but he had diabetic and blood pressure complications.

Cancer is treatable until stage two by surgical removal of cancerous part and radio therapy to burn the adjacent cancerous cells

Experiment on Apoptosis as it kills poisonous cells and in fasting or Ramazan this apoptosis eats poisonous cells

if a vaccine can be generated that give apoptosis to healthy cells healthy cells will replace cancerous cells

Cause of Cancer is deficiency of B 17 and UV rays have been found to cause skin breast and epidermal cancer.

Anorexia Nervosa

we look better in healthy body

Body shaming leads us to dieting and hence it may result in Anorexia

in male and female models this is common they never recover to healthy body without gastric hormones treatment.

                                                                                                                                                     Anorexia is so dangerous that it is cause by sexual

                                                                                                                                                     Health sperm wastage and excessive menstruation or menstruation ovary production irregularities

But The medicine has been introduced for Anorexia and it is 100 percent functional as it worked on improving my gastric juice production and digestion


Psychiatric drugs effects on sexual health

it reduces sperm count

erectile health

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            reduces eroticism

                                                                                                                                                                                           Makes you psychedelic

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Erupts your thought process to remove erotic thoughts

for women


abnormal increase in proclactin level

Irregularities in menstruation

Ovary production issues

Just unleash love birds to share their emotions

no psychiatric drugs will be required to curb the emotions.

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