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shifting careers

Work…work…and work.

Seems this term i stealing precious time from our lives. You see, four years ago I used to love my work. Let me tell you about my career and what’s left of it. I never graduated from University mainly because my dad died when I was 20 and I never could follow my studies. Back at that time I wanted to either be an interpreter or I wanted to become a psychologist. My dreams stopped when he died. Being the youngest child who never knew her mom (she died when i was 2), I had to work to survive. So I took a couple of computer courses and found myself a job as a secretary in an advertising agency. Then I moved to a production house and worked there for 10 years where i got promoted to personal assistant, then to production coordinator and to finally become the casting director of the house. Ohhhhh the good days…

Since I made the major « start from zero » in Paris and left my country, I have not gotten my papers yet so obviously no work in an office for me yet. With two kids to feed, I found myself working as nanny/cleaning lady for rich mean people who have done harm to my sweet little heart. I took me some time and lots of tears to accept my current reality but now I am confident that better days will come and that I will get a chance again to work doing something that I love. Meanwhile these two jobs are allowing me to afford whatever my kids need and this satisfaction makes me forget all the pain that comes with the job.


Never giving up…never.

Kisses from Paris.


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