She fell almost 4 stories and lived just to bite my chair up.

This picture is a few months old. My cat’s love hanging out on the balcony. I had just completed my Reiki I class and was sitting out on the balcony practicing on my patients….my cats. The edge of this balcony is almost 4 stories up. We live on a steep hillside so though it’s a 2 story house….we have almost 2 stories underneath.

Well….Clove when she was a kitten would climb out on the very edge of the ledge on the outside of the rail. I almost had a heart attack the first time I saw her out there. I didn’t want to scream and panic and cause her to panic and possibly fall off. So I turned around and called her name and she showed up by my feet. After that she was not allowed out there unless one of us was sitting out there.

One night I was cleaning my kitchen and went out to the balcony to throw food out for the coyotes who like to hang out on our hillside. I came back in and went back to the kitchen and kept cleaning when I heard an odd noise on the balcony. I went out to look and didnt see anything but felt it was her. So I came in and looked in every room in the house and could not find her. My sons looked under all beds….and nothing. I figured she must have snuck out when I went out to feed the coyotes. She is quick….but most times she tried to get out we would feel her run past our feet. So my sons went down the hill and called her for hours. Nothing. I eventually put candles on each balcony and waited. I did cry like a baby once I knew she was gone…but I didn’t feel she was GONE gone.

My balcony is closest to the hill so I slept with my sliding glass door open HOPING she will find her way to my balcony. Sure enough…..5 am she woke me up. She took hours to calm down. Her bottom lip had dried blood on it but I couldn’t tell if there was any other damage. I got her to her Vet that morning and he x-rayed her body and ran a few other test to check for internal bleeding. After all of that…..he said she was fine. But he did give me pain medicine for her because he said she was going to be sore. Sure enough…we got back and she stayed under my bed for a week. But she was drugged up with the pain medicine and she slept and slept. He said that cats have been known to fall from sometimes 20 floors and they only break their jaws when they land because their heads snap forward and hit hard. He said they become like flying squirrels. WHO KNEW?

But after avoiding the balcony for months…she finally started trying to go out there again. So I had to order something to keep her safe so this is what I found. My son put it on for me.

She hangs out in her spaceship because we still have Hawks that perch on a tree on the other side of the house.

I did not purchase this chair for her….but she took it over. I would sit in it to just watch the clouds and Hawks and she would be above my head chomping on the chair. After trying to stop her from biting the trim and clawing it….I pretty much gave her the chair. As soon as the chair starts to look horrible….I will replace it and hopefully keep her off of it.


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    1. My sister calls her ‘The Psychic Kitty” cause she ALWAYS KNOWS WHAT WE MEAN AND THINK. She is an odd one and she understands us. When my family came to visit we started sitting around the table talking and she jumped on an empty chair at the table and put her paws on the table and started meowing and looking at all of us. Its like she remembered everyone and wanted to be apart of the conversation.
      If I play a video too loud with someone getting too loud or yelling on the video she comes running in a panic and hops on me and looks into my eyes meowing. As if she is saying…”Are you alright” “Whats wrong?” and she starts to lick me.
      She eats her cat food…but if I am cooking any kind of meat she will stay in the kitchen all day waiting for dinner to be ready.
      And once it comes out of the oven….she dances in circles.

      1. Look for me to write a story. I was going to tell you as a comment, but I think it would be a good in its own right. 🙂 The title will be “We discussed it…”

  1. Clove is a very good looking cat with a nice face, I can well imagine what she behaved like when she was a kitten. I don’t own pets but everyone I know has a cat – believe it or not. There is a black and white cat where I live who I have known from a small kitten, and in the past whenever it saw me it would bolt the way cats do. But over the weeks the cat got more and more used to me as I passed by the window it used to view the world (I call it ‘it’ because I don’t know the cats name), and eventually the cat got used to my presence and now, the cat runs to me rather than away from me and emits a friendly “meow” whenever our paths cross. Sometimes I don’t see the cat for days on end, but when we meet again the cat has no shortage of words to say me in cat language, it’s almost like the cat is telling me all that’s happened since our previous meeting. Cute!

    1. Awwww……she shares her stories?
      Believe me….I was so hesitant to get another cat…cause Chubs almost being 12 was so easy to care for. He does his own thing….and since we moved here he can’t go outside. So he gained 10 lbs and was 20lbs. He dropped 3 lbs since putting him a better eating regiment. He use to eat all he wanted because he would run around outside all day. I bought him a leash so I could take him for walks….but he just flops over when ever I put it on him. Anyhow….Clove runs up and down stairs and chases a ghost cat that hangs around. So she stays in shape. Plus we have so many toys for them…..but she is the only one who keeps them in her favorite spot.
      I was thinking more of a Lop Eared Rabbit…..they get so big. But I did buy my mom one years ago and that rabbit ruined a lot of her rugs.
      Anyhow….cats usually are easy to have. Though my oldest son has an allergy to them. So I have to vacuum everyday all of the furniture and brush them. And one of my cats has an allergy to my son it seems. They make each other sneeze. Its kind of funny.

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