Sexy Tuesday – Sleeping Beauty

As I sit back in the chair in the corner of the room, idly smoking a cigarette, I watch as you lie asleep as the summer sun drifts in through the curtains and you are half covered by the sheets, revealing your top half.

I see your bare chest gently lift and go back down again as you breath shallow breathes of your slumber.  I am mesmerized by your peacefulness of your sleep.  You seem oblivious of the morning light of the low hanging sun rising above the horizon.  You appear to be dreaming as I see you slightly turn and groan.

After a short while I see you beginning to stir from your peaceful slumber and I stub out the cigarette in the ashtray and I get up and gently walk back to the bed.  I lean over and give you a kiss on your forehead, this seems to help you come back into the waking world and you smile and you gently put your arms around my neck to hold me in place.

I see you smiling and your eyes cautiously open in the day’s first light.  You say “Good morning” with your beaming smile and before I could respond you pull me in close and your lips are quickly upon mine and we are joined again in this loving kiss.

Your intentions are made very clear upon this early morning embrace and I soon find myself climbing under the sheets again and we begin the passionate unity again from last night.

I feel your arms and legs around me and holding me tight as if your whole body wants me to never leave your vicinity again and your breathy groans of pleasure and passion seem to remind me of our spoken love and it tells me of your eagerness to share our passions in such primal and passionate carnal love.

Feeling your skin against mine under the morning sun makes it seem as if I am in Heaven and that you are an angel incarnate or as if I had the pleasure of being in the presence of Aphrodite herself who had graced me with Her presence, along with her love and beauty.

The warmth of the sun climbing higher in the sky gives rise to further warmth that I feel in your presence, both in the physical and in your passions and love that you naturally exude and give off that has always held me enraptured and that is enhanced by your natural beauty and your wonderful smile, how I love your smile and everything that it seems to tell me.

We find ourselves coming to a heightened climax as we share such bonds that neither of us cannot fully or really consciously explain that we seem to know and understand each others rhythms and lusts.

Your groans have only heightened as the loving unity of this physical love begins to find its conclusion and groans turn to deep sighs of deep relief and a relief of much needed release of physical passions and out of breath I lay down next to you and you roll over to hug me close to you as you seem to feel the palpable passions and loving air hang in the room and I feel your wonderfully soft skin against mine once again.

You thank me for sharing such wondrous passions and lusts with you and you tell me that you love the feeling of sensing my heart beating within me and you like to think that both our hearts and souls are beating together.

I can’t help but smile at this sentiment as I lie back and find myself drifting off to sleep myself and we lay in bed for a while longer, still naked and under the morning sun.

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  1. that is cool.. are you aware that everything we post is available to the general public and not just thinkr members only..? I always resisted making sexy Tuesday a private group but since we have no protection here I wonder if it might not be an appropriate change.. I am just learning my way around here and don’t know yet how groups work..

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